The original Urbanus was a knightly, fatherly figure formed by the people of Argea. His strength is reinforced by the addition of the souls of each of their deified emperors at the moment of their deaths. The original Urbanus was slain by Oblivion before the awakening of Tridian. When Tridian reformed the council of the Gods, Urbanus was the most mourned of the older deities, so he was re-formed from the hearts and minds of his worshippers and the spirits of the emperors long dead.


Name: Urbanus
Alias(es): The Champion, The Just.
Status: Lesser God
Domains: Cities, Man, Money, Crafting, Knights, Honor
Colours: Royal Purple (primary), Grey (secondary)
Gender: Masculine
Alignment: Lawful Neutral Hopeful
Worshiper Alignments: Non-Chaotic
Commandments: "Your honour is your life."
Enemy of the Faith: Oath-breakers, traitors
Alliances (with other Deities): Gwynn, Greymayre
Conflicts (with other Deities): Cerberus, Tridian, Oblivion
Favoured Lists/Spells: Law, Retribution
Barred Lists/Spells: Demonology, Domination
Favoured Weapon: One-handed Sword, Crossbow
Relic Weapon: Imperious Blade
Relic Item: The Key To The Kingdom
Avatar: The Legionary
High Priest: Brother Maximus
Paladin: Ramses the Ever-Living, the Pharaoh of the Forgotten
Temples of Note: Cathedral of Argea’s Heart

Church of Urbanus
Worshipers of Urbanus strive to uphold the laws and tenants of their country and region. They believe there is nothing more important than being honorable and just, though they also strive to encourage the advancement of cities and man. They believe in the importance of economic growth in addition to the importance of a well-structured society. They have no sympathy for traitors and oath-breakers, and while they generally believe that criminals can be rehabilitated with appropriate punishment, they believe that traitors and oath-breakers deserve nothing but a swift death. Followers do their best with every breath to protect the innocent and uphold the law, and they are the first to throw themselves into battle if something threatens the things they value, even if they know they cannot win. Their dedication to Urbanus and his teachings is ever-present throughout the entire life of one who worships Him.
Urbanus churches are striking in the fact that they are stark and large. They are usually quite bare of decoration, save for a number of purple and grey banners depicting the symbol of Urbanus, but they tend to boast incredible architecture, favouring stone pillars and white marble where it is available. Churches in smaller areas tend to be more humble, but the chuches in large cities, especially the Capitol of Argea, can easily be considered some of the most beautifully crafted churches in all of Geos. Followers often come in daily to kneel before the altar and pray silently, or they sit in the pews and listen to the priests give a sermon. Those who are dedicated think of Urbanus as a father, and of the church as their home, so many priests and templars live at the church full time.
Members of Note:
The Legionary, Avatar of Urbanus
Brother Maximus, High Priest of Urbanus
Ramses the Ever-Living, Pharaoh of the Forgotten and Paladin of Urbanus
Jaeric Oblivion-Bane
Temples of Note:
Cathedral of Argea’s Heart