Telekinetics List


In order to use this list of spells, a character must have Psionic Attunement and purchase ranks in Psionic Casting (TeleKinetics)
1 Push Push
1 Flick Flick
2 Pull Pull
2 Mage Hand Lesser Mage Hand Lesser
3 Return To Hand Return To Hand
3 Thrust Thrust
4 Disarm Disarm
4 Levitate Levitate
5 Left Behind Left Behind
5 Mundane Bolt [Type] Bolt
6 Mage Hand Greater Mage Hand Greater
6 Wall of Stone Wall of Stone
7 Fly Fly/Sprout Wings
7 Mundane Storm [Type] Storm
8 Object of Need Object of Need
8 Mundane Strike [Type] Strike
9 Overland Flight Overland Flight
9 Skeleton Key Skeleton Key
10 Object of Need Greater Object of Need Greater
10 Mundane Beam [Type] Beam
11 Earthquake True Destruction