Spirit Touched [2014]

Some individuals are born more connected to the spiritual world than normal people, these people tend to attract spirits and can often hear their voices. Some believe that these individuals were born with this talent for a reason, others believe that it is a byproduct of spiritual possession, or near death experiences. To a Spirit Touched character the world is a very full place as they can perceive the spirits of the dead, natural spirits, and elemental spirits in their air around them. Many who are Spirit Touched are driven mad by the constant presence of the spirits around them while others embrace it and live their lives as a bridge for the spirits and dedicate themselves to assisting the Spirits.

  • Boon Cost: 250
  • Exp Adjustment: -20%
  • Perfect Races: Spiritual Beastkin, Keltoi.
  • Banned Races: Any Race with a Connection Multiplier Increase. Any Race without a Halo.
  • Age Adjustment: None


  • Characters who wish to take a Spirit-Touched heritage must have their own Halo. This heritage can be taken at any time.

o Note: Regardless of when the heritage is taken, it should be reflected in the character's backstory from the time of character creation.

Costume Requirements

  • The costumes of Spirit-Touched characters are often covered with totems and talismans, however, this is not a requirement.


  • Spirit Guide: Each a character with the Spirit Touched heritage has a Spirit Guide (often an ancestor) which they can ask questions of. This costs Twenty Halo and can be used as often as the character chooses, or until the Spirit gets annoyed. The spirit can only answer from its own knowledge.
  • Spirit Sight: a character with the Spirit Touched heritage has the ability to see spirits and ghosts. This ability allows them to see spirits of all kinds even when they are almost invisible to the naked eye, incorporeal, or phased out. If the Spirit is attempting to hide they may still use their Stealth against the character’s Heightened Senses.
  • Speak with Spirit: For twenty halo, a character with the Spirit Touched heritage can create a Speak with Dead effect, however this effect can be used to speak with Spirits of any type.
  • Spirit Familiar: Characters with the Spirit Touched Heritage often have Spirit Familiars, these function in every way as regular Familiars, but do not have a physical form.
  • Out of Body Experience: Characters with the Spirit Touched heritage can project their own Spirit out of their body in a manner akin to the Scout Spell. The spirit can move 20 metres from its body plus an additional 20 meters for each point of offensive willpower the character has to a maximum of 100 metres. Using this ability costs 50 Halo. The maximum duration of this ability is 10 minutes. While the Spirit Touched character is out of their body, the body itself is vulnerable.
  • Manifest Spirit: Characters with the Spirit Touched Heritage can attempt to make a Spirit manifest into an incorporeal form which can be seen by all and which can interact with physical objects. With un-willing Spirits, the character must be able to beat the Spirit’s Willpower to force them to manifest. This ability lasts for one minute. The Halo cost for this ability depends on the power level of the spirit: Weak 10 Halo, Normal 20 Halo, Medium 30 Halo, Major 50 Halo, Bastion 100 Halo.


  • Haunted: Spirit-Touched characters all have the Haunted (Minor) Flaw for which they receive no benefit. If the character chooses to take further Haunted flaws then they are always considered to have Haunted one level higher than the Flaw they have taken.
  • Vulnerable to Possession: Spirit-Touched characters suffer a penalty to their Defensive Willpower to resist Possession. This penalty starts as a constant -1 Penalty, however, if the Spirit is tied to the character in any way or shares characteristics (especially Family, Race, Alignment, Class) with the character then the penalty increases by one step for each link. For instance if a Spirit Touched Argead CNH Warrior was being possessed by an Argead CEN Warrior the penalty would be -3 because they share two additional characteristics.
  • Distracted: Because they have adjusted to the constant movement of spirits, characters with this Heritage have become somewhat distracted and suffer a constant -2 penalty to Heighten Senses; this penalty doesn’t apply when opposing the Stealth of a Spirit.
  • Spirit’s Friend: Spirit-Touched characters tend to feel a bond with non-hostile Spirits they encounter, they feel inclined to help these spirits with their requests. Spirit-Touched characters who routinely decline the requests of such spirits start to lose the benefits of this Heritage.
  • Empty Vessel: If a Spirit Touched character ever loses their Halo, then their Haunting spirit can take possession of the character. This makes the character into an NPC until the possessing spirit can be evicted.