Multiplier(s): Might, Connection
Base Cost: 20
Type: Ranked
Prerequisite: None

Those who possess immense strength are able to break down doors, lift great weights, and impose their strength on others. Characters with this skill are able to use their ranks in situations when a Referee calls for a strength check. This skill can be used to carry other characters and move heavy objects. This skill can be used to grab, hold, or push other characters.

Opposed: Grapple, Strikedown, Escape Artist

Skill Rank Example Ability
1 Can carry 120 lbs.
2 Can carry 180 lbs.
3 Can carry 240 lbs.
4 Can carry 300 lbs.
5 Can carry 500 lbs.
6 Can carry 700 lbs.
7 Can carry 1000 lbs.
8 Can carry 1400 lbs.
9 Can carry 1800 lbs.
10 Can carry 2000 lbs.
11 Can carry 4000 lbs.

Note: The strength of characters combines as follows: the character with the most ranks declares their ranks and every additional character with ranks of strength adds 1. This total cannot exceed 11.

Note: A character who is pushed or thrown using strength is required to roleplay a reaction, but there is no required distance they must move.

Note: Strength can be used to disarm another character's shield, but not another character's weapon.