Multiplier: Might, Connection
Base Cost: 15
Type: Ranked
Prerequisite: None

Many feel as if they lose themselves in the fury of battle; some go further. Characters with this skill are capable of entering a Rage to gain the following bonuses per rank:

  • 2 minutes of Rage duration per rank
  • +2 constant bonus to CON
  • +3 constant bonus to LOC
  • +1 constant bonus to Willpower (Defensive)
  • +1/3 constant bonus to Strength
  • Immune to pain

While in a Rage, a character gains the following penalties:

  • Cannot tell friend from foe and will attack the nearest target possible an continue to attack until the Rage ends
  • Cannot use skills other than Style Mastery (Specific)

When the Rage ends, the character is Exhausted.

Note: This skill requires active roleplay for the duration of the Rage.
Note: A character must Rage until their duration has ended.