Pick Pockets

Multiplier(s): Agility
Base Cost: 10
Type: Ranked
Prerequisite: None

Some have the ability to sneak things into and out of the pockets of others without them noticing. A character with this skill can place an object in or remove an object from their target. Use of this skill requires that the character maintain contact with the target for a specific length of time. Use of this skill required presence of a Ref or ST.

Skill Rank Length of Contact with Target
1 30 seconds
2 28 seconds
3 26 seconds
4 24 seconds
5 22 seconds
6 20 seconds
7 18 seconds
8 16 seconds
9 14 seconds
10 12 seconds
11 10 seconds

Opposed: Heightened Senses

Hindrance: Constant penalty 1/3 Hindrance.