Last Stand

Multiplier: Connection
Base Cost: 20
Type: Ranked
Prerequisite: Knight class

Knights have been trained to lay their lives on the line in order to protect defeat their foes. A character with this skill can activate a Last Stand to gain the following bonuses per rank:

  • 5 minutes of Last Stand duration per rank
  • +2 constant bonus to Constitution
  • +3 constant bonus to Location
  • +1/2 constant bonus to weapon damage
  • Immune to mind effects
  • Immune to slowing and paralyzing effects

While in a Last Stand, the character gains the following penalties:

  • cannot leave a 30 ft by 30ft box
  • all passive protective effects end
  • healing has no effect

For the duration of the Last Stand, the character will stay conscious and alive. When the Last Stand ends, the character will take all the damage accumulated during the Last Stand. When the Last Stand ends, the character is Exhausted.