Detect (Specific)

Multiplier: Special
Base Cost: 10
Type: Multiple, Ranked
Prerequisite: None

Some are connected to the world in such a way that they can innately sense the presence of what they seek. Characters can detect the presence or absence of a specific trait in an object or in a character.

Skill Rank Range
1 1 object within reach
3 1 object within 5 ft.
5 1 object within 10 ft.
7 5 ft cone
9 10 ft cone
10 10 ft radius, always on

Opposed: Disguise (Persona)

Special: Specific choices and multipliers are as follows:

Specific Type Additional Multiplier
Good Aligment Connection, Divine
Evil Alignment Connection, Divine
Lawful Alignment Connection, Divine
Chaotic Alignment Connection, Divine
Hopeful Alignment Connection, Divine
Despair Alignment Connection, Divine
Arcane Magic Arcane
Natural Magic Natural
Divine Magic Divine
Psionic Magic Psionic
Persona Connection
Deceit Connection
Ritual Magic Arcane, Natural, Divine, Psionic
True Magic Arcane, Natural, Divine, Psionic
Demon Connection, Divine
Angel Connection, Divine
Oblivion Faithful Connection, Divine
Tridian Faithful Connection, Divine, Psionic
Gaea Faithful Connection, Divine, Natural
Greymayre Faithful Connection, Divine
Cerberus Faithful Connection, Divine
Change Faithful Connection, Divine
Cthon Faithful Connection, Divine
Eos Faithful Connection, Divine
Gwiddion Faithful Connection, Divine, Arcane
Gwynn Faithful Connection, Divine
Khama Faithful Connection, Divine
Puck Faithful Connection, Divine
Urbanus Faithful Connection, Divine
Beastkin Connection
Elf Connection
Horde Connection
Human Connection
Low Fae Connection
Shirefolk Connection
Undead Connection, Divine

Note: Detect (Specific Faithful) allows a character to detect the magic of that deity present in an object.
Note: Detect (Persona) allows a character to oppose a character using Disguise (Persona) when given a reason to suspect the skill is in use.
Note: This skills only gives a yes or no answer.