Craft (Specific)

Multiplier: Intellect
Base Cost: 10
Type: Multiple, Ranked
Prerequisite: None

Weapons, armour, and items of all kinds form the backbone of an adventurer's supplies and many characters have learned to craft these for themselves, or sell their wares to others. Characters are able to craft an item or items from the appropriate Marketplace list up to the total value available for their current rank in this skill.

Type Description
Weapons Melee and ranged weapons
Armour Armour and shields
Herbalism Mundane consumables, healing effects
Alchemy Mundane consumables, transformation effects
Poisons Mundane consumables, offensive effects
Drugs Mundane consumables, buffing and de-buffing effects
Wands Magic consumables, packet delivered offensive spells
Potions Magic consumables, self or touch beneficial spells
Scrolls Magic consumables, non-self or caster spells
Talismans Magic consumables, Mana and Halo stores, etc.
Craft (Specific) Value
Rank 1 10
Rank 2 30
Rank 3 60
Rank 4 100
Rank 5 150
Rank 6 210
Rank 7 280
Rank 8 360
Rank 9 450
Rank 10 550

Note: This skill is used during game sign-in. All magical consumables require the ability to cast the spell desired or the cost is increased by the prices for that spell.