Rules Updates

System Manager Announcements

Updates made to the game rules by the System Manager will be announced here.

  • XP Cap: the XP cap is being removed and the reward for games in being raised to 50xp per game. This change is being made retroactively to January 2016 (updated XP totals to be posted on the Forums). People are free to drop merits/flaws if they want due to this change, but there will be no retroactive change to XP from merit/flaw changes.
  • Updates: The one a month rule has been removed. Characters can buy as many skills etc. per update as they have xp, gp, and boons for.
  • Top Up the Month Coupon: use of this coupon will round up to the nearest 50 xp
  • Calculating Level & Tier: Level will now be calculated based on Spent XP instead of Earned XP. The tiers remain the same. This change will not be in effect until January 2016.
  • Evil Characters: The ban on evil characters is being removed; however, players who choose to play as evil-alignment characters (and non-evil aligned characters) must be willing to deal with any consequences of their in game actions (according to the previously published laws).

Rules Committee Updates

Updates made to the game rules by the IA2 Rules Committee will be announced here. Once rules changes have been updated across the rest of the wiki, the relevant update will be removed.

Work In Progress

  • Combat: adjusting damage added by skills other than style mastery is being reviewed, adding specialty strikes (prefixes you call on a blow) as separate skills or as bonuses with style mastery is being looked at
    • Ongoing
  • Classes: reviewing and balancing classes
    • Ongoing
  • Bardic Performance: working on revising the list of bardic performances and skill mechanics
    • Ongoing

May 2016


Profession (Specific): reducing to base 5, clarify that Profession (Adventurer) is an option for those who see adventuring as their primary occupation.

Heightened Senses: no longer affected by hindrance.

Location Regeneration: on Might and Natural multipliers

Location Meditation: on Might and Natural multipliers

Shield Proficiency: 10xp, one off, if not proficient any blow requires you to drop the shield.

Grapple: skill is being removed as strength does the same thing.

Rage: added damage bonus (since Strength no longer adds damage) +1 low, +2 mid, +3 high, +4 epic when raging

Appraise: 15 xp, one off, allows a character to know the marketplace value of an item

Support: is being changed to Support (Specific) and is Multiple and Ranked, 10 xp base, skill gives a constant bonus of +1 Low, +2 Mid, +3 High, +4 Epic for the option selected to a number of people equal to the rank in Support (Specific). Does not get around phys rep requirements for toolkits. Can be used with: meditation skills, armour repair, balance, break will, calm, climb, disarm trap, embolden, enrage, taunt, escape artist, find traps, handle animal, intimidate, open lock, persuade, pick pockets, ritual leading, ritual contribution, safe fall strength, surgery, torture, tracking, swim, use rope.

Haggle: changed to give a discount of 5% low, 10% mid, 15% high, 20% epic on all marketplace purchases, on the Int & Con multiplies, 50 xp, one off

Accuracy (Total): removed

Counterspell: changed to that a caster struck with a counterspell while casting has their casting distrupted if the rank of counterspell called in higher than their defensive willpower

Called Shot: Called Shot (Melee) has been removed, Called Shot (Ranged) has not

Ride: skill removed, handle animal allows it already.

Enrage: changed to 10 xp ranked skill, Connection multiplier, opposed by Willpower (Defensive), causes target to rage if successful, requires 1 min of roleplay

Embolden: changed to 10 xp ranked skill, Connection multiplier, gives Willpower (Defensive) bonus to resist fear/mind effects, requires 1 min of roleplay

Incite: name changed to Taunt, 10 xp ranked skill, Connection multiplier, causes target to attack, resisted by Willpower Defensive, requires 1 min of roleplay

Enthrall: skill removed

Intimidate: changed to 10 xp ranked skill, Connection multiplier, opposed by Willpower (Defensive), causes fear in target if successful, requires 1 min of roleplay

Persuade: changed to 10 xp ranked skill, Connection multiplier, opposed by Willpower (Defensive), causes target to answer 1 question truthfully if successful, requires 1 min of roleplay, cannot be used on an actively hostile target

Dodge: 20 halo per use, halves numerical damage from 1 non-rapid attack

Dodge (Perfect): 20 halo per use, reduces numerical damage to 0 from 1 non-rapid attack

Parry: 20 halo per use, halves numerical damage from 1 non-thru attack

Parry (Perfect): 20 halo per use, reduces numerical damage to 0 from 1 non-thru attack

Ward: 20 halo per use, halves numerical damage from 1 non-null attack

Ward (Perfect): 20 halo per use, reduces numerical damage to 0 from 1 non-null attack

Harm’s Way: changed to take double damage from use, cannot be combined with other skills, xp reduces to 50 xp, one off skill, must be non-evil

Human Shield: changed prereq to Strength 3 and non-good alignment

Memory Recall: changed to one off, 50 xp skill

Constitution: skill is now on Might, Agility, Connection, Natural multipliers

Location: skill is now on Might, Agility, Connection, Natural multipliers, limited to 10 purchases per tier and double CON, but CON damage no longer affects LOC

Speak/Read/Write: common = argead

Numbing Strike: removed the option to take damage instead of numbing effect, opposed by Location Regeneration, can be used with any Style Mastery

Hamstring: ranked base 10 skill, Might and Agility multipliers, blow to the leg makes it so the opponent can’t run for 1 minute, opposed by Location Regeneration, can be used with any Style Mastery

Sunder: ranked base 15 skill, Might multiplier, blow does double damage to armour or shields, opposed by armour mastery or shield mastery, can be used with any style mastery

Rapid: call has been removed

Holy/Unholy: calls have been removed

True: call has been removed

Raw: prefix call, indicated that damage/effect cannot be avoided by DAC, MAC, PAC, or skills

Thru: ranged specialty strike, avoids PAC, 15 xp base, opposed by armour mastery or shield mastery, Agility multiplier

Style Mastery (Specific): all Style Mastery skills are now 20 xp base

Siege Weapons: base damage 10, need strength 5 (personal or combined) to use, if not proficient causes knockback

Knockback: ranked base 15 skill, Might multiplier, forces an opponent back 5 ft (not 5 ft per rank), opposed by Balance and Strength, can be used with any style mastery


Awakened: advantage changed to: every game weekend an Awakened earns xp, they learn one spell of each level per list up to level 4.


Red Cap: race has been removed as a playable race

Sprites: brownies, pixies, sprites have been removed as playbale races and combined as 3 options for the Sprite race

Troll: race has been removed as a playable race

Slaugh: Touch of Death ability no longer requires giving up xp; can be used once per month and costs 100 halo

Speak “Common”: the disadvantage for all races who can’t learn common (i.e. argead) has changed to all languages costing double the normal xp for speak, read, and write and these races cannot gain the linguist skill

Rumana & Nomad:: Disadvantages that don’t allow a character to be played at a given game have been removed.


Type (Dart Blade): the spell is only in effect while wielding the weapon

Contigency: no longer causes fatigue

Remove Curse (Lesser) a level 3 spell that removes up to Level 5 curses. Added to the following lists as a replacement Level 3 spell:
List Spell Replacement
Curses Curse Phobia Lesser
Miracles Heighten Senses
Neutrality Sunder
Hope Diagnose
Biometrics Diagnose

Flaws & Merits

*Permanent Wound: changed all levels to a permanent reduction in loc: -2 for minor flaw, -4 for medium flaw, -6 for major flaw, -8 for extreme flaw.

Rapid Regeneration: changed to: “Character regenerates at a rate of 1 point of Loc or Natural PAC every 4 minutes at Low, 3 minutes at Mid, 2 minutes at High, and 1 minute at Epic. All regeneration ends at when the soul starts leaving the body (i.e. at -10). Characters with this flaw are Vulnerable to Fire and Acid.”

Bonus XP: the +25 bonus xp for Major flaws and +75 bonus xp for Extreme flaws has been removed (this is not a retroactive change).


Lores Points are gained based on character level divided by the lower multiplier of either Intellect or Connection (e.g. a character with Int 1 and Con 3 at Lvl 10 has 10 lore points total). Lore (Specific) costs 2 points per rank, (e.g. Rank 1 costs 2 points, Rank 2 cost 4 points, Rank 3 costs 6 points for a total of 12 points spent). This change has no effect on lore skills purchased with xp.

Lore Points can be used to purchase ranks of Lore (Specific).


Ranged Weapons: a point blank shot requires that you un-nock the arrow before shooting again.

March 2016


  • Lores: all lores have been consolidated under the new lore choices. If you have a lore from the left column, it will change to the lore from the right column. This is note a complete list of all lores, just those that are being changed. The complete list of available lores has been added to the Lore (Specific) skill description.
Old Lore Changing to Lore (Specific)
Arcane minerals, Arcanum, Illumination, Summoning, Arcane Magic
Alchemy, Drugs, Drugs/Poisons, Herbalism, Poisons and Venoms, Potions, Venoms Chemistry
Specific Deity Church/ Deity, Specific God Church (Specific)
Amour, Archery Strategy, Archery Tactics, Art of War, Bombs, Guerilla Strategy, Guerilla Tactics, Military Strategy, Military Tactics, Tactics, Way of the Sword, Weapon-Casting, Weaponry, Race(Specific) Tactics Combat
Culture, Politics Current Events
Farming, Geology, Minerals, Mining, Natural Science, Rare Materials Natural Science
Arcane Earth, Arcane Fire, Specific Element, Sphere (Specific) Element (Specific)
Arctic, Desert, Temperate, Cities, Mountainous, Oceanic, Underground, Urban, Rural Geography (Specific)
Druids, Knight Hood Guild (Specific)
Anatomy, Biology, Diseases, Healing, Madness, Men, PSTTSTTSAB, Women, Sex, Health & Medicine
History (Per Culture), History (per continent) History
Crime, Economics, Honor, Law, Nation Laws Law
Constructs, Demons, Elementals, Magical Beasts, Mutation, Parasites, Undead, Aberrations Magical Creatures
Aquatic Life, Bear, Beastkin Aspect, Birds, Foxes, Insects, Nature Fauna / Specific Animal, Predators, Reptiles, Rodents, Spiders Natural Creatures
Nature Flora, Plant Life Natural Plants
Null Magic Null Magic
Cathay Race (Specific), Race (Specific), Race/ SubRace Race (Specific), Tru-Fae Race (Specific)
Afterlife, Death, Funeral Ceremonies, Theology Religion
Ritual Magic, Rituals Ritual Magic
Craft Fire, How to Make Friends and Influence People, Puzzles, Survival, Riddles, Scout Strategy, Scout Tactics, Stealth, Street Wise, Survival, Traps, Weather Survival
Construction, Engineering, Fire Arms, Navigation, Physics, Smithing, Technology Technology
Celestial Planes, Demonic Plans, Dreaming, Elemental Planes, Halo, Spirits, World Halo The Planes
Fate, Temporal /Time Time
Sailing, Trade Routes Travel
Bardic Music, Climbing, Halo (shadow), Magic Items(specific), Magical Potions, Rage, Scroll, Specific Aspect/Spell List, Specific Element (Magic), Spell List Aspect, Strength, Wands, Swimming Removed