System Rules

General System LARP Rules

  • Do not assume success. Players need to check with a Referee or Storyteller to determine success of failure.
  • Avoid asking “if something will work;” if you want to know, try it.
  • In cases of a disagreement over rules, if it cannot be sorted out by quickly consulting the wiki the Referee will make a call. Accept the Referee’s call and move on with the game. If there is an issue will rules clarity, it will be brought to the attention of the Rules Committee.
  • Play to the spirit of the game, not to the letter of the rules.
  • Once an event has occurred, it cannot be undone. This is not to say that future actions can’t reverse or change the effects of past events, but once enacted in game, an event is considered to have occurred and will not be replayed.
  • The System Manager has final say on all game rules and events.
  • Once game has started (time in), attempt to stay in character as much as possible. If you do break character, avoid interrupting those who are attempting to maintain their immersion.
  • Ties always go to the defended.
  • Everything rounds down.
  • Bonuses and penalties are not cumulative. Bonuses do not count towards meeting prerequisites.
  • Personal safety is as important as costuming. Don't sacrifice safety and comfort for the sake of looking good. Dress appropriately for the weather. Bring food. Carry water.

Important Calls

At times, a Referee or Storyteller may make a call to stop the game for safety or other reasons. Do not ignore these calls:

  • Time Freeze requires that you stop what you are doing and listen to the Referee or Storyteller for instructions. You may be required to close your eyes and hum, or you may be given a description of what is happening. Do not move around during this time.
  • Time In resumes the game after a Time Freeze. Players should go back to doing what they were doing before the Time Freeze.
  • Faff is an in game, in character pause. Players should remain in character during this time. A Faff is used when crew in preparing an encounter and represents the time it takes for players to travel.
  • Lay On is equivalent to Time In, but is usually used when resuming combat after stopping for safety reasons.

In Game Signals

Various non-verbal signals can be used by players and crew to communicate information about their character quick.

  • Out of Game/Character is shown by raising one hand in the air, usually with 2 fingers extended. A player or crew member with a hand up should be treated as non-existent. In some cases, a crew member may be playing an invisible enemy, if a character has skills which might detect invisible enemies ask and the crew member will say if they are there or not.
  • Flying is shown by holding both arms straight out from the sides of the body and declaring height above ground (in feet) every few seconds.
  • Climbing is shown by standing next to the object being climbed and declaring height above ground (in feet) every few seconds.
  • Speaking a different language is shown by holding one hand up in an L-shape and declaring the language they are speaking.


  • All weapons to be used must be LARP-safe foam weapons. Unarmed combat is not permitted. Using a shield as a weapon (i.e. "shield bashing") is not permitted.
  • Commercially produced LARP weapons vary in quality and hardness. Some manufacturers or specific product lines may be deemed unsafe. Homemade weapons also vary in quality and hardness. All weapons should be checked by an experienced player for safety or, if in doubt, contact the System Manager.
  • Thrusting or stabbing is not permitted with any weapon.
  • Different players have different tolerances. Always pull your blows. If another player says you are hitting them too hard, reduce the force of your blows.
  • Do not hit players in the head or groin.
  • Do not rest a weapon point down or lean on them. This can cause damage to the weapon which could be a safety hazard.
  • Do not use a broken or damaged weapon. Any broken or damaged weapons should be put aside until they are repaired.
  • All players must get the System Manager's approval to a bow and arrows or other projectile weapons. All bows and arrows must be LARP safe and must be checked for safety before being used in game.
  • Thrown weapons must be coreless and without hard or sharp edges.
  • If another player calls "pause" or "man down" or "safety" or anything similar, stop what you are doing and let a Referee deal with the matter at hand.
  • Watch out for each other. Let other players know if they are going to step on someone lying or the ground, or trip over something they can't see.
  • While all weapons and shield must be made of LARP-safe foam, armour and other props can be made of other materials (e.g. metal, wood, plastic). Sharp or pointed props are not normally allowed. Glass props are not normally allowed.
  • Respect players who are non-combat.
  • We share the site with other groups, with horses, with dogs, and other people. Respect their right to be there and behave appropriately around them.

Rules make up the core of any gaming system and ensure all participants are able to have fun and play safely. The IA2 system has a set of rules which direct play during the game. Please read all sections of the rules here:

Game Rules

  • Boons explains the rules for earning and using Boons as an out of character system currency.
  • Updates contains information about recent changes to the game made by the IA2 Rules Committee.