Rules of Life & Death

Life & Death

Location (LOC)

In the IA2 system, characters can take damage to six locations: right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, torso, and head. Each location has a set number of points (LOC) and damage received reduces LOC.

  • A limb at 0 LOC becomes useless.
  • A torso or head at 0 LOC renders the character unconscious and down.
  • A limb at -10 LOC is destroyed.
  • A torso or head at -10 LOC means the character is dying.

Note: It is not possible for a location to be reduced to less than -10 LOC regardless of the amount of damage taken.

While the head is a legal target area, due to safety cannot be targeting by weapon strikes or packets. The head can be a legal target for some spells and can take damage from other effects.

Hands and feet do not count as viable targets for weapon strikes and damage from weapon strikes on the hands or feet should not be counted. Hands and feet can be targets for some spells and can take damage from other effect. Damage to hands and feet is applied to the appropriate limb.


A character who is at 0 LOC or below to the torso or head is unconscious and down. The player should fall to ground, or if this is not possible, they should say "Down" and slump over with arms limp. Once down, a player should stop counting additional damage unless specifically told by crew to continue.

Note: Players who are down, should not raise their arm with two fingers up as this signals they are "out of character" and "out of game."

Bleeding Out

When a location is reduced to below 0 LOC that location begins to “bleed out” at a rate of 1 point per minute. A character will bleed out until a location is reduced to -10 LOC. A location that is bleeding out can be stabilized with healing. When healing starts, bleeding out stops; however, if healing is interrupting, bleeding out resumes.

  • A limb reduced to -10 LOC is destroyed and requires specialized healing.
  • A torso or head reduced to -10 LOC causes the character to being dying.


When the head or torso of a character is reduced to -10 LOC, the character begins to die and their soul begins to leave their body. At this point, specific healing is required (e.g. a Restore to Life spell) and any other healing has no effect.

A character's soul leaves their body 2 minutes after their head or torso hits -10 LOC. After their soul leaves their body, a character has died and must be resurrected if possible.

Note: If a character has lost their soul, they have died once they reach -10 LOC and must be resurrected if possible.

Constitution (CON)

A character's constitution (CON) measures their resistance to effects such as poison or diseases and reflects a character’s stamina. If a character is reduced to 0 CON, they fall unconscious. If a character is reduced to 0 CON, they begin to degenerate at a rate of 1 point per minute. If a character is reduced to -10 CON, they begin dying.

Resisting Effects

When struck with an effect such as a disease or in certain other situations, a character's constitution (CON) score is used to oppose the effect. The CON required to resist an effect varies with the specific effect.


A character can hold their breath for 1 minute. After this time, the character loses CON at a rate of 3 points per minute until they reach 0 CON and fall unconscious. If they are in a situation where it is possible, they will then begin breathing normally again. If they are unable to resume breathing normally (e.g. they are under water), they will continue to lose CON until they reach -10 CON and begin dying.