Boons are an out of character currency in the IA2 system used to reward players for helping out the system.

Earning Boons


Boons are awarded to players for filling various roles during games:

  • Regular Crew: 25 boons
  • Storyteller: 75 boons
  • Referee: 75 boons

Additionally, the system manager may award additional boons at their discretion.


While site clean up at the end of a weekend is expected of all players and crew, boons can be earned by taking a bag of garbage or recycling offsite or helping clean or organize kit outside of normal game weekends.

  • 50 boons per bag of garbage/recycling taken offsite
  • 10 boons per hour assisting with kit cleanup and organization.

Repair/Crafting/Kit Donations

Boons for donating, crafting, or repairing kit typically earns 10 boons per hour of work. Work done for the system in this way should first be discussed with the System Manager as the reward may vary depending on the situation.

Due to the ever-changing needs of the system, donations of kit, materials, props, makeup, etc. and any boon reward for the donation should be discussed with the System Manager.

Spending Boons

Some races and heritages have a boon cost associated with them. All classes and merits have a boon cost. This cost must be paid at character creation either with boons the player has already earned, with the use of coupons, or by getting boons from another player.

Boons earned at a game weekend can be spent once the XP & Boon awards for that weekend have been announced.

The maximum number of boons a player can have at then end of a month is 500. Any boons above the 500 boon cap, expire at the end of the next game weekend.

Races & Heritages

The costs of races and heritages varies from 0 boons to 500 boons.


Tier Boon Cost
Apprentice 25
Journeyman 50
Expert 100
Master 200
Drop Class 250

Note: Tiers must be purchased in order.

Guild Ranks

Guild Rank Boon Cost
01 10
02 20
03 30
04 40
05 50
06 60
07 70
08 80
09 90
10 100

Note: Ranks must be purchased in order.


Tier Boon Cost
Minor 10
Medium 25
Major 50
Extreme 100

Remove Flaw

Tier Boon Cost
Character 25
Minor 25
Medium 50
Major 100
Extreme 250

Note: A character flaw can only be changed, not removed entirely.

Character Slots

All players are permitted to have 2 active characters; however, additional character slots can be purchased. Once purchased, the player has that character slot permanently.

Slot Boon Cost
3rd 100
4th 250
5th 500

It is not possible to have more than 5 active characters.

Transferring Boons

Players can give each other boons freely, but can only do so at sign in during a game weekend. Boons transfer between players at 1:1.

Players can transfer boon to in character gold at sign in during a weekend game. Boons transfer to gold at 1:1.