Ritual Magic

Certain characters (those who have purchased the Ritual magic skill) can attempt to sculpt magic to achieve any goal. First they draw a circle and activate it and then the character or characters enact a ritual. A ritual team must be made up of a ritualist and any number of contributors, all of whom add their skill level together to calculate the effective ritual level of the group. An active ritual circle will bar entrance to anyone outside of the circle, however, another ritualist or group of ritualists can open the ritual circle in the same way as a ritualist or group of ritualists initially opened the ritual circle assuming their combined ritual level is equal or greater to the level of the original group [counter-spell can also be used to break a ritual circle]. Ritual circles are sentient and are an excellent source of information.

The goal of the ritual must be clear. Rituals are marked on clarity, sacrifice, performance, suitability, costume and roleplay. The clarity of a ritual includes not using the word um and not deviating from your point. The sacrifice is what the ritual team sacrifices to the circle in order to achieve their effect; remember anything you are willing to give up is not a true sacrifice. The performance is based on the actual ritual itself and will get points for excellent use of props. Rituals should be viewed like little plays and must be suitable and relevant to the required effect. The characters costumes will also be taken into consideration. The roleplay points are a catchall bonus category for the ritual refs to be able to take other factors into consideration like a fire mage calling on water magics. The best rituals will be worked out and practiced in advance; they will use all of the participants in the ritual and will leave audiences amazed. The ritual referee will judge the ritual and explain what effect, if any the ritual had. Certain rituals require specific casters, for example, purity rituals require virgin ritualists and resurrection rituals require the combination of a priest and a mage. Rituals are excellent party building events and can have whole adventures shaped around the party finding their sacrifice, working out their ritual, practicing their ritual and then enacting their ritual; not to mention of course dealing with the aftermath.

Sample rituals:

  • Sample Ritual Idea: Planar Survival. A ritual which affects everyone in the circle with the ability to survive on the plane in question. The power of the ritual details how much protection it offers, how many people, and duration.
  • Sample Ritual Idea: Change Class/Drop Class.

Ritual Level

Rituals can be at most level 100.