Racial Groups

The world of Geos is populated by numerous racial groups, with each of these further divided into individual races.

Racial Stats

Each race has a set of stats associated with it. These stats represent an average member of a race and are the stats of a starting character of that race.

Boon Cost

Some races have a boon cost that a player must pay in order to create a character of that race. This cost is based on a race’s rarity on the world of Geos.

XP Modifier

Some races apply an xp modifier to a character of that race. This cost is based on both the rarity of a race, but also on a race’s advantages and disadvantages. XP modifiers are applied to earned xp a character receives per linear game and either reduce xp received or or increase it.


Every race will have a set number of changes, increases and decreases, to their base multipliers. These multiplier changes represent the skill set most characters of a race are suited to.


Every race will has a list of suggested background elements for a character, such as alignment, religion, heritage, etc. Suggestions represent the most common cases for a member of that race, but allow for variation.

Some races are banned from having specific background elements which represents alignment, religion, heritage, etc. that is impossible for a member of that race.


As part of their background, each race has suggested and banned geographies. A geography represents the general type of environment the character comes from. Selecting a geography grants a characters Lore (Specific) Rank 2 in that Geography and they received an additional rank every 10 levels.

Geography Examples
Urban Villages, towns, and cities
Forest Temperate and boreal forests
Jungle Tropical and sub-Tropical jungles
Grassland Plains, prairies, and savanna
Hills Hills, plateaus, and shield
Mountains High-alpine mountains
Waterways Freshwater rivers, lakes, and wetlands
Oceans Saltwater oceans and seas
Desert Arid, hot deserts
Arctic Tundra and the arid, cold arctic
Underground Caves, tunnels, and underground regions

Attributes & Skills

Every character of a given race starts out with a base set of attributes and skills which represent the base stats and starting skills for a member of that race. Starting skills include languages known and basic knowledge a character starts with.

  • Note: All starting skills gained from a character’s race cost 0 xp.
  • Note: A player can opt out of a starting skill if they choose.

Costume Requirements

Costume requirements are a combination of elements necessary for a character of that race and suggestions for a typical member of that race.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Every race has specific advantages and disadvantages associated with that race. These may be special powers or a specific vulnerability, constant bonuses or penalties, or restrictions on the maximum rank available in a skill, or restrictions on other elements.

  • Note: A player can opt out of advantages if they choose.