Individuals of pure blood and their families are often part of the aristocracy of a given race, especially the more xenophobic races. These individuals are unwilling to sully their status as the heart of a race by mixing their blood with that of another race, even with a the so called higher race.

Boon Cost: 100
Exp Adjustment: +10%
Perfect Races: Argead, Forgotten, Bugbear
Banned Races: Minerian
Age Adjustment: None


  • Once a character has selected Pureblood as their heritage, they may never select any other heritage, even after recovering from an infected heritage.
  • The pureblood heritage must factor heavily in the character's backstory with all family members being of the same race and having this heritage.
  • The pureblood heritage is not available to those with a criminal or slave backstory.

Costume Requirements

  • Pureblood Characters should have costumes which reflect their higher status within their race.


  • Pureblood Characters gain ranks in Investments equal to their highest unmodified rank of any skill. If a character is granted skill ranks in a skill from an Item, Race, Class, Geography, Merit, Flaw, or Heritage that skill is ignored for the purposes of this benefit, however, if the character purchases an additional rank in such a skill it stops being ignored.
  • Pureblood Characters may take a Social Rank merit, but treat the experience penalty as if they had taken the merit of the type below; characters who take the Social Rank (Minor) merit receive no experience penalty.
  • Pureblood characters gain a Constant Bonus to their Racial Location and Racial Constitution of +2 at Low level, +3 at Mid level, +4 at high level, and +6 at Epic level.


  • Pureblood characters are required to care about the fate of their own race. This does not mean that they are required to serve that race's ruler or even act in that race's best interests, but they are not permitted to be apathetic about their own race's place in the world.
  • Pureblood characters are required to care about the purity of their blood, their family, and their race.