Oblivion was the first Deity-form in the Geos realmspace. Millennia before the creation of Geos he had lain there, not moving, simply stationary. When an ancient sojourner came to Geos realmspace and started creating a universe, Oblivion grumbled, but allowed the sojourner space. Centuries passed and the Geos realmspace developed and grew; eventually, Oblivion lost its temper and attempted to consume Geos realmspace. Geos realmspace managed to fight off Oblivion on four different occasions which caused Oblivion to travel elsewhere in the universe and consume other worlds. When Inritius was defeated, the Void Gate was sealed and Geos realmspace was sealed to prevent Oblivion consuming the rest of the multiverse.


Name: Oblivion
Alias(es): The Unmaker, The Nightmare
Status: Elder God, Pre-dates existence
Domains: Void, Necromancy, Oblivion, Dark
Colours: Black (primary), Silver (secondary)
Gender: Masculine
Alignment: Lawful Evil Oblivion
Worshiper Alignments: Any Oblivion
Commandments: “Thou shalt not hope.”
Enemy of the Faith: All Hopeful
Alliances (with other Deities): None
Conflicts (with other Deities): Greymayre, Gaea, Puck
Favoured Lists/Spells: Oblivion, Necromancy
Barred Lists/Spells: Positive Energy Necromancy, Hope
Favoured Weapon: Longsword
Relic Weapon: The Void Blade
Relic Item: The Void Eye
Avatar: Inritius & The Lichmaster
Paladin: Unknown
High Priest: Brother Thomas
Temples of Note: Temple of the Black Gate

Oblivion Taint

Church of Oblivion
To followers of Oblivion, the universe begins and ends with Him. They dedicate their lives to finding and opening the Void Gates in order to let Oblivion in and consume all of Geos. They believe that their loyalty will be rewarded, and they will live eternally in the Void as part of Oblivion’s army, helping him snuff out life one realm at a time. Those that follow Oblivion have no hope, and no compassion. once somebody decides to join the church, it is extremely rare for them to be redeemed. They like to get inside of their enemies’ heads by meeting them on the battlefield and raising the corpses of their fallen enemies. This provides not only more troops, but a distraction for the undeads’ former friends and allies. They will slaughter men, women, and children without a second thought, and it is their cold-heartedness and ability to raise the dead that makes them such a terrifying and formidable foe.
Churches of Oblivion are commonly known as temples. Nowadays they are a rare sight, and most of the temples in civilization have been shut down. But they still exist across Geos, usually deep in Void tainted areas where most people don’t like to venture. The temples are dark and frightening, and they radiate void taint. Both inside and out tend to be coloured black and silver. Temples tend to be small these days, as they need to remain un-noticed, but they are surprisingly grandiose in design. A lot of followers tend to live in and around the temples, and the temples are typically well cared for because of this. It is also not uncommon to see undead in the area around one.
Members of Note:
Inritius, Former Emperor of Argea and Avatar of Oblivion
The Lichmaster, Avatar of Oblivion
Brother Thomas, High Priest of Oblivion
Temples of Note:
Temple of the Black Gate