Natural Magic

Natural Spells by List

Affliction: Spells Dealing with Poison and disease.
Elemental: Spells which utilize the Elements of Nature.
Fauna's Shepherd: Spells to bolster and benefit animals.
Fauna's Form: Spells which allow the caster to assume animal attributes.
Flora's Form: Spells which allow the caster to assume plantlike attributes.
Flora's Shepherd: Spells which bolster and benefit plantlife.
Hunter's Wind: Spells to help bring down a foe.
Nature's Rejuvenation: Spells to heal and purify Natural beings.
Prey's Perseverance: Spells to hide and escape a predator.
Swarming: Spells relating to parasites and insects.
Travel: Spells related to movement throughout nature.
Weather: Spells which control, harness and change the weather.