Mundane Items

Mundane Equipment

Mundane items represent the bulk of armaments across Geos and Antios. An item is considered to be mundane until it has been enchanted with Arcane, Divine, Natural, or Psionic magic.

Mundane items (weapons, armour, or shields) are created by selecting an item and a base material. Racial, heritage, etc. material restrictions may apply to base materials available.

Mundane Weapons

Nearly everyone on Geos carries a weapon of some kind, from simple farm implements repurposed for combat to elaborately designed swords.

Weapons are classified by measuring the total length of the weapon from tip to tip. Due to differences between manufacturer’s and the limited availability of weapons, some leeway may be given on a case by case basis. Contact the System Manger in these cases.

Weapon Description Base Damage Range Price
Claw Claws up to 13” 1 Melee 0
One-handed Small Up to 18” 1 Melee 10
One-handed Between 18” and 42” 1 Melee 20
Two-handed Between 42” and 60" 3 Melee 50
Polearm Greater than 60” 1 Melee 50
Ranged Bows and Crossbows 3 Ranged 75
Firearms Pistol 1 10ft, automatic hit 50
Firearms Rifle 3 20ft, automatic hit 100
Firearms Gnomish Musket 1 15ft cone, automatic hit 150
Firearms Hand Cannon 5 20ft, automatic hit 200

Note: Ammunition for bows, crossbows, and firearms is assumed and does not need to be purchased. Thrown weapons must be purchased individually.
Note: Claws only includes claws a character possesses from a race, heritage, or spell.
Note: Bows, Crossbows, Rifles, Gnomish Muskets, and Hand Cannons are considered two-handed weapons.

Mundane Armour

While many adventurer’s use wit, cunning, and agility to evade their enemies and dodge blows, many others find a sturdy suit of mundane armour does the job of keeping their insides on the inside.

Armour is normally sold as a full set consisting of one piece for each of the 5 locations. Helmets, gauntlets, and boots have no cost or stats as these are not valid targets, but can be worn if desired.

Armour Description PAC Soak Hindrance Price
Light Cloth, Padded 2 0 1 20
Light Leather 4 0 2 40
Light Hard Leather 6 0 4 60
Medium Studded Leather 10 0 6 100
Medium Ring Mail 12 0 8 120
Medium Chain Mail 14 0 10 140
Heavy Scale Mail 18 1 15 180
Heavy Coat of Plates 22 1 20 220
Heavy Plate Mail 24 2 25 240

Note: The price paid is for the stats of the armour and the descriptions provided are examples only; costuming appropriate to the type of armour selected is required


Shields are classified using the longest dimension of a shield. Shields must be held with one hand, or strapped to the forearm. Regardless of the nature of the physrep, the hand holding a shield cannot be used to hold a weapon, except in the case of bucklers strapped to the forearm.

Shields do not defend against packet based magical attacks. When a shield is struck by a packet, the spell effect passes through the shield and affects the arm holding the shield.

Shields do not defend against area of effect spells.

Shield Description PAC Soak Hindrance Price
Buckler Up to 12” wide 10 1 2 40
Small Between 12" and 24” wide 20 2 4 80
Medium Between 24" and 36” wide 30 2 8 120
Large Between 36" and 42” wide 40 3 15 160
Tower Greater than 42” wide 50 4 25 200

Note: Tower shields require Strength 1 to use.

Mundane Consumables

Herbalists, Alchemists, Poisoners, and Druggists abound on Geos and find willing clients in those who cannot afford or who fear magical services. In many cases, mundane remedies and other consumables are as effective as their magical counterparts, in other cases, they are sadly lacking.

All mundane consumables can be delivered by Touch, Packet, or Weapon Strike. Mundane Consumables are considered single use items which expire after 6 game weekends.

Note: All mundane consumables must be physreped; however, a single physrep can represent multiple consumables.


Herbalism is used for healing effects.

Herbalism Description Availability Price
Level 1 Healthy Body Low 10
Level 2 Minor Heal Location Low 30
Level 3 Restore Sense Low 60
Level 4 Remove Affliction Low 100
Level 5 Major Heal Location Mid 150
Level 6 Restore to Life Mid 210
Level 7 Total Heal Location High 280
Level 8 Remove Affliction (Greater) High 360
Level 9 Total Heal Body Epic 450
Level 10 Restoration Epic 550


Alchemy is used for transformation effects.

Alchemy Description Availability Price
Level 1 Heighten Senses (Lesser) Low 10
Level 2 Mend (Lesser) Low 30
Level 3 Water Breathing Low 60
Level 4 Dark Vision Low 100
Level 5 Mend Mid 150
Level 6 Grow Claws Mid 210
Level 7 Make Whole High 280
Level 8 Quicksand High 360
Level 9 Petrify Epic 450
Level 10 Shift Race (Greater) Epic 550


Poisons are used for harming effects.

Poisons Description Availability Price
Level 1 Acid Shard Low 10
Level 2 Start Bleeding Low 30
Level 3 Acid Dart Low 60
Level 4 Disease Low 100
Level 5 Halo Bolt Mid 150
Level 6 Acid Bolt Mid 210
Level 7 Mana Bolt High 280
Level 8 Slow High 360
Level 9 Acid Strike Epic 450
Level 10 Acid Beam Epic 550


Drugs are for buff and de-buff effects.

Drugs Description Availability Price
Level 1 Acclimatize Low 10
Level 2 Throbbing Bones (Lesser) Low 30
Level 3 Weakness Low 60
Level 4 Endure Element Low 100
Level 5 Numb Limb Mid 150
Level 6 Mental Shield Mid 210
Level 7 Paralysis High 280
Level 8 Fatigue High 360
Level 9 Failing Senses (Greater) Epic 450
Level 10 Blood Burst Epic 550


Mundane equipment is the lifeblood of the adventurer and many rely on their mundane equipment to get them out of dire situations. Many skills require a specific toolkit. All toolkits cost 50gp and the price includes all the tools needed to use a skill up to Rank 10.

Note: Toolkits require a physrep and an item card to use.

Mundane Services

The mundane world of commerce is diverse and many services and sundry items are to be had across Geos.

Service Rank Price
Appraise or Detect 1 5
Appraise or Detect 2 15
Appraise or Detect 3 30
Appraise or Detect 4 50
Appraise or Detect 5 75
Appraise or Detect 6 105
Appraise or Detect 7 140
Appraise or Detect 8 180
Appraise or Detect 9 225
Appraise or Detect 10 275

Note: Due to the variety of services and items available, the current marketplace list is incomplete. Any purchases beyond those listed should be discussed with the System Manager.