On Geos, as on other worlds, the majority of people do not make their money breaking into the homes of monsters and stealing their things. The majority of people work a normal job, work towards a profession, and purchase things from the marketplace.


On Antios, the Argead Empire came to dominate the commercial world and Argead currency is universally accepted across the continent. Many races still prefer bartering or using solid currency like gold pieces or gems, but Argead paper currency is accepted everywhere. This is true even with the sundering of the former unified Argea.

Gems and other unmarked units of currency will be given a value by the Storyteller or System Manager and an item card to go along with them.


All currency is measured against the standard Gold Piece (GP) and all prices are listed in GP. 1 GP is the smallest unit of currency with transactions being rounded up to the nearest GP (in the merchant’s favour).

Prices may fluctuate bases on events across Geos and depending on rarity or availability of a given item; the System Manager and Head of Plot will make changes accordingly.

Buying & Selling

There are many merchants, settled and traveling, across the lands of Antios. In days gone by, prices fluctuated wildly from place to place; however, with the rise of Guilds and the ease of magical communication, prices are mysteriously similar from place to place … except, of course, when materials are running short and there is profit to be made.

Buying from the marketplace is done is steps, at each step a price is added to the purchase. The total purchase price is the cumulative total cost for all the steps in the purchase.

Note: If you want to buy and item that is not listed contact the System Manager.

All items, except sundry items, will be given an item card. Players must carry these cards at all times when in character. If an item card cannot be produced, then that characters is considered to have left the item at home. If an item card is lost, that item is considered to be lost.

When buying from the marketplace, characters buy at the stated price and must produce currency (or coupons or convert boons) when the purchase is made. No credit will be given.

When selling items to the market place, a standard price of 50% of the listed value will be given (rounded down to the nearest GP).

Note: If the ST or Ref has specified a higher or lower price in game, then the ST or Ref price will take precedent.

When buying from or selling to other characters, prices are to be negotiated between those characters.

Availability of Goods

Across Antios many people make their livings crafting, buying, and selling goods. Mundane and magical goods are widely available, even in the smallest hamlet, to those who can pay. However, with the instability brought on first by the Inritius Wars, by the return of the elder Gods, and more recently the sundering of the Argead Empire, availability is not what it once was and some items and materials may be rarer depending on the location and world events.

Most mundane and many magical items should be readily available for purchase by players; however, some rare materials or powerful enchantments may not be available at a given time or may take more than GP to obtain.

Expiry Dates

All weapons, armour, items that grant a bonus or special effect, and all consumables have an expiry date of 6 game weekends. Magical Weapons, armour, and items that expire become mundane. Special materials lose all special properties. Consumables that expire become useless.

Items can be recharged for 50% of the cost of the item.

Note: Adding a special material or enchantment to an item with less than 6 month remaining does not extend the expiry date, but the cost will be pro-rated to the amount of time left.

Starting Wealth

All characters start with 200 GP to spend at character creation (as well as gold from any coupons or boons they wish to use). They are free to spend this however they see fit. Characters can only start game with items, weapons, armour, or spells bought with starting wealth.

Mundane Equipment, Consumables, & Services

While magic abounds in the world of Geos, most of its inhabitants get through life relying on the mundane, non-magical items and goods produced and traded across the land.

Magical Equipment, Consumables, & Services

While the vast majority of the population of Geos rely on the mundane items of everyday life, many have learned to craft the magic of the world into physical items. Still more have come to rely on these items for survival.

Special Materials

Even without the benefits of magical enchantment, many pieces of mundane equipment carry powerful properties or are bane to specific targets. Some materials carry with them innate magical properties which make them powerful even without further enhancement.


In the past, many magic practitioners chose to take on an animal familiar, as an aid in battle, a research assistant, or simply as a companion. As familiars became more common, methods were discovered to bind them to non-casters and since then their popularity has waned and waxed along with other fashions.