Kinetics List


In order to use this list of spells, a character must have Psionic Attunement and purchase ranks in Psionic Casting (Kinetics)

1 Kinetic Shard [Type] Shard
1 Push Push
2 Kinetic Dart [Type] Dart
2 Kinetic Shard Chain [Type] Shard Chain
3 Kinetic Missile [Type] Missile
3 Cone of Air Cone of Air
4 Kinetic Burst [Type] Burst
4 Kinetic Ball [Type] Ball
5 Kinetic Bolt [Type] Bolt
5 Kinetic Dart Blade [Type] Dart Blade
6 Protection From Kinetics Protection from [Type]
6 Kinetic Bolt Chain [Type] Bolt Chain
7 Kinetic Blast [Type] Blast
7 Kinetic Storm [Type] Storm
8 Kinetic Strike [Type] Strike
8 Kinetic Blast Chain [Type] Blast Chain
9 Kinetic Bolt Blade [Type] Bolt Blade
9 Kinetic Strike Chain [Type] Strike Chain
10 Kinetic Beam [Type] Beam
10 Kinetic Tempest [Type] Tempest
11 Kinetic Vengence [Type] Vengence