Khama is in some ways the weakest and others the most potent of the lesser deities; her power shapes and redirects that which is thrown at her. Khama is a very soft spoken deity: she rarely speaks, believing that all things will balance out when seen in a sufficiently long view. Khama is capable of providing potent protection and rarely lashes out herself, however, her choice of Avatar has led many to believe that she is not toothless. Khama has currently neither a High Priest nor a Paladin: she believes that the correct candidates for each position will come forth when they are needed.


Name: Khama
Alias(es): None
Status: Lesser God
Domains: Protection, Meditation, Balance, Equilibrium
Colours: Yellow (primary), Pastels (secondary)
Gender: Feminine.
Alignment: Lawful Good Hopeful
Worshiper Alignments: Non-Chaotic
Commandments: "At the middle of the see-saw is a point which goes neither up nor down."
Enemy of the Faith: Berserkers, Rage Mages
Alliances (with other Deities): None
Conflicts (with other Deities): None
Favoured Lists/Spells: Calm
Barred Lists/Spells: Spells which heighten emotion
Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff, Dagger
Relic Weapon: George
Relic Item: Khama’s Prayer Mat
Avatar: Cedric The Ascetic
High Priest: None
Paladin: None
Temples of Note: Temple of Zen Harmony

Church of Khama
Khama followers tend to be calm in all situations, for they have spent their lives mastering the art of being Zen. They believe it is crucial to approach every situation in life with a clear head so a practical decision can be made. They believe in the balance of the world, and much like Gaea followers, they understand that there is importance in both life and death. Followers tend to be quiet and soft-spoken, though that does not mean they do not have an opinion. They simply prefer to assess a situation first before making their opinion known, and ideally things will work itself out before that becomes necessary. They tend to be the go-to peacekeepers when there is strife, since they are able to clearly see both sides of a disagreement and give impartial advice.
Their churches tend to be rather simple, decorated with pastels, yellows, and symbols of Khama.They don’t believe in the importance of objects and finery, so Khama churches are quite humble in comparison to others. When they come to worship, followers often spend a few hours meditating, so the atmosphere in the church tends to be quiet and respectful. People making excess noise are often asked to leave for disturbing meditation. Instead of pews or benches, Khama churches tend to have straw-mat floors with cushions for those who wish to meditate comfortably.
Members of Note:
Cedric the Ascetic, Avatar of Khama
Temples of Note:
Temple of Zen Harmony