Some are born with a talent for magic while others are devoid of magic. There are even rarer case of those who are anti-magic, born with a connection to null magic. It is unknown how a connection with null magic is created. Some suggest that the connection follows bloodlines, others that the connection is from the ninth son of a ninth son, and others claim the connection is from casters who have lost their souls.

Boon Cost: 500 (250 for Argeads)
XP Adjustment: -20%
Banned Race: Fae

Note: This heritage must be taken at character creation.


  • Null characters are immune to arcane, divine, natural, and psionic magic spells which target the character and to damage from area of effect spells
    • Note: This immunity doesn’t apply to magic effects which do not target the null character directly.
    • Note: This immunity does not apply to a null character’s equipment.
    • Note: This immunity protects against spells delivered by a weapon blow, but not against the damage from the weapon itself.
    • Note: This immunity does not apply to null, raw, holy, ritual, level 11, or true magic.
  • +1 constant bonus to Location Regeneration.
  • +1 constant bonus to Constitution Regeneration.


  • Null characters are immune to beneficial magic as well as harmful magic.
  • Null characters are uncomfortable with magic and will not allow magic, except Null magic, to be used on them.
  • Spells cast on a null character's equipment with a duration greater than instant cause pain to the character for the duration of the spell.
  • Null characters cannot use or craft magical consumables or items.
  • Arcane, divine, natural, and psionic mana is toxic to null characters and causes them severe nausea. Null mana is equally toxic to non-null characters.
  • Null characters cannot cast arcane, divine, natural, or psionic spells.
  • Null characters lose any magical features of their race or class.
  • Null characters cannot contribute positively to rituals. Null characters automatically contribute negatively to a ritual they are participating in:
Penalty Tier
-5 Low
-10 Mid
-20 High
-30 Epic