Geos has long been the playground of powerful races, interdimensional beings, and gods. Many mortal inhabitants of Geos have been touched in some way, either personally or through a long-distant relation, by the higher beings of Geos. Still others are changed by events, both cataclysmic and everyday, that have affected them and their families. Many characters carry the mark of deeds and interactions long past, sometimes passed down through generations, in the form of a heritage.

Heritage List

Adding a Heritage

A character’s heritage can either be chosen at character creation or added at a later time through in game events. Once chosen a heritage cannot be changed other than through in game events.

Note: A character may only have 1 heritage.

Boon Cost

Some heritages have a boon cost that a player must pay in order to create a character with that heritage. This cost is based on a heritage’s rarity on the world of Geos.

XP Modifier

Some heritages apply an xp modifier to a character of that heritage. This cost is based on both the rarity of a heritage, but also on a heritage’s advantages and disadvantages. XP modifiers are applied to earned xp a character receives per linear game and either reduce xp received or or increase it.

Banned Races

Some heritages are incompatible with certain races and characters of that race are banned from taking that heritage.

Costume Requirements

Costume requirements are a combination of elements necessary for a character with a heritage and suggestions for a typical character of that heritage.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Every heritage has specific advantages and disadvantages associated with that heritage. These may be special powers or a specific vulnerability, constant bonuses or penalties, or restrictions on skills or other elements.

Note: A player can opt out of advantages if they choose.

Infected Heritages

At times during in game events, a character may receive an infected heritages. Once a character receives an infected heritage, they lose access to their own heritage and all the requirements, advantages, and disadvantages from it. The character’s heritage is replaced by a new set of requirements, advantages, and disadvantages from the infected heritage.

Note: The effects of an infected heritage are immediate; however, costuming requirement changes do not need to be met until the next game weekend a character attends.

Removing Infected Heritages

Infected heritages can be removed in a variety of ways as detailed in the heritage descriptions. When an infected heritage is removed, a character can either revert to their original heritage or change to the non-infected version of the infected heritage.

Note: Once this choice has been made, it cannot be undone.