The Nine Hells:
The nine layers of hell, their primary occupying type of demon, and the common traits associated with those who have that Fiendish Heritage are outlined below.

Avernus The first layer of Hell is a desolate and charred landscape. There, the Demonic legions of Hell stand ready to storm through any openings into the Bleed, and through that to other planes. It is a place of violence, brutality, and warfare, as the Demons battle against Divine forces at planar breaches, and amongst themselves. This layer is populated primarily by Demons of Battle, and Pain. Battle demons tend to have aggressive and violent tendencies. Pain demons are wholly sadistic, and often masochistic beings who delight in inflicting and receiving pain and torture. Battle and Pain demons revel in the sin of Wrath.

Dis The second layer of Hell is dominated by an endless burning city made of iron, known as the Iron City of Dis. Within this city, one can find any perverse goods or services one’s depraved heart desires. The market place in Dis caters to many Planeswalkers, and Demons alike. Though visitors are forewarned; it is far easier to enter the Iron City of Dis then it is to leave. Dis is filled with many types of Demons, but the most frequently found are those of Lust and Magic. Those from the Lust brood are often tempters, deceivers, and seducers. Those born to Magic are usually power hungry and greedy. Lust dominates the minds of the Lust demons, and Greed is a way of life for those of Magic's brood.

Minauros The third layer of Hell is comprised of an endless bog, filled with vile pollution. Poison, disease, and putridness are rampant throughout the layer, and all those tormented within are in a constant state of near death from exposure. Minauros is filled with Demons of Corruption. These creatures are often unclean, slovenly, and disgusting people. Sloth is the foremost sin of those associated with Corruption.

Phlegethos The fourth layer of Hell is a flaming wasteland, littered with active volcanoes, ashen hills, gouting fires, magma streams, pits of smoking excrement, and burning sand beneath a screaming rain of hellfire. Phlegethos is populated entirely by Fire demons, as few others can withstand the immense heat. Fire demons are often short tempered, quick to act, and rarely think things through. Jealousy burns hot in the hearts of Fire demons, and so Envy is their sin of note.

Stygia The fifth layer of Hell is a near endless black ocean, fed by the very waters of the river Styx. The waters are frigid and dark, and the few landscapes that exist are barren. All manner of terrible aquatic creatures are found within the depths of the waters, and those not born to this layer who touch the waters know only death. The deathly waters of Stygia are home to Death and Stealth demons. Death demons tend to spread death wherever they roam and encourage others to embrace death willingly. Those born of Stealth lurk in the shadows and are cautious not to reveal their true motives and intent, until it serves them best. Death hungers for the souls of the living, and so they give themselves over to Gluttony. Stealth demons know the sin of Greed intimately.

Malbolge The sixth layer was once an endless slope of razor sharp rock, endless caverns, and constant avalanches. It has since reformed when a new ruler was named, as a layer made of the very flesh and bones of its previous ruler. The landscape is now a breathing, bleeding testament to torment. Blood demons roam the fleshy landscape of Malbolge, amongst other monstrosities. Those descended from Blood demons often hunger for flesh, sometimes while it's still living. All are carnivorous, and many cannibalistic. Those with Fiendish heritage of Blood feel the sin of Gluttony deeply.

Maladomini The seventh layer of Hell is a landscape of ruins, strip mines, mazes, refuse, and rubble. Its cities are constantly being demolished and rebuilt at the will of the insane ruler of the layer, who sees flaws even in perfection. Madness demons populate this layer of Hell. These creatures are often mentally and emotionally unstable and disturbed individuals. Pride blinds and maddens the ruler of Maladomini, and so Madness demons share his sin.

Cania The eighth layer of Hell is a frigid wasteland of ice. Nothing grows here, and tears freeze even as they are welled. Beneath the surface lie countless lost cities, and the frozen are tormented. Unexplained phenomena such as cold fire are common across this perplexing layer of Hell. Almost nothing but the indigenous Ice demons can survive in the tundra. Ice demons, tend to be emotionless, calculating, and patient. Patience and waiting lead the Fiendish line of Ice down the path of Sloth.

Nessus The ninth and final layer of Hell is filled with caverns, crevices, and fissures so deep, they descend into the endless nothingness of Oblivion itself. The greatest of all Demons rules over all nine hells from the largest fortress in the multiverse, that reaches out of the depths of the largest fissure. Void and Dark demons populate this layer, existing in the lower nothingness, and upper darkness of the endless cervices. Dark demons are malicious and hateful by nature, cursing those who have what they desire. Void demons revel in spreading hopelessness to others. Dark demons find themselves consumed with envy over those who bask in the light. Void demons and their brood want nothing more then the Void, to exist in a state of nothingness and inaction, and so their hearts are filled with Sloth.