Gwynn Ab Nudd

Gwynn Ab Nudd started his existence on Geos as the UnSeelie Fae Prince of Death, however, when the Fae left Geos for a safer realmspace for a safer locale Gwynn and his followers chose to stay behind. The Fae sought a place to regrow their Eternal King and Queen and hoped that the conflict between Oblivion and Tridian would keep both occupied, Gwynn chose to stay as God of Death for without a God of Death who would be able to claim Tridian or Oblivion if either killed the other? The Fae see this as a true sacrifice. Gwynn has potent and powerful servants who gather the souls of the fallen.


Name: Gwynn Ab Nudd
Alias(es): Death
Status: Lesser God
Domains: Death, The Dead, Murder, Blood, Darkness, Mercy
Colours: Black (primary), Indigo (secondary)
Gender: Masculine
Alignment: Neutral Evil Neutral
Worshiper Alignments: Any, Oblivion is rare.
Commandments: "All will die." "The dead stay dead."
Enemy of the Faith: Undead
Alliances (with other Deities): Puck
Conflicts (with other Deities): Oblivion, Greymayre
Favoured Lists/Spells: Touch Of Death
Barred Lists/Spells: Any and all spells which restore the dead to Life, Necromancy, Positive Energy Necromancy
Favoured Weapon: Scythe, Dagger
Relic Weapon: All-Slayer Scythe
Relic Item: Eternal Hourglass
Avatar: Morgan the Shepherd of Men
High Priest: Deneker Ice Eyes
Paladin: Amala the Reaper
Temples of Note: The Mortuary, The Mausoleum

Church of Gwynn Ab Nudd
Those who dedicate themselves to Gwynn Ab Nudd dedicate themselves to death. They believe that death is sacred, and is a natural part of life. Gwynn is the reaper of soul, and his followers seek to prevent others from denying him the souls of those who have passed. They believe that once the soul has left the body, they are for Gwynn to take, and it is abhorrent for anyone to disrupt that. They detest all forms of necromancy, and have issue with those who use magic to restore the dead to life. They do not encourage murder and war, however they will certainly not prevent it, as every mortal life gone is another boon to their god.
They worship in Sepulchers, which are usually dark and foreboding to those outside the faith as they are essentially tombs. The interior tends to be decorated largely in blacks, with accents of indigo, and the skulls and bones of the dead are commonly found throughout. Typically the altar is adorned by an idol bearing a skull, a representation of Gwynn himself, and the faithful tend to pay respect by offering blood. Normally this is done by pricking one’s finger and letting the blood drop onto the skull, but it is not uncommon for members to take it further. They worship by saying prayers for the dead, asking Gwynn to watch over their immortal souls.
Members of Note:
Morgan the Shepherd of Men, Avatar of Gwynn
Deneker Ice Eyes, High Priest of Gwynn
Amala the Reaper, Paladin of Gwynn
Temples of Note:
The Mortuary
The Mausoleum