Gwiddion, was the most powerful mage of his time. He single-handedly created many of the Arcane spells which have become the staples of magic for the current time. In his life, Gwiddion was Gwiddion, Lord of Gwyneth, and after his death, his spirit ruled a section of the afterlife as Gwyddno Garanhir (King of the Lost Lands). When a God of Magic was needed after the coming of the Elder Gods several candidates were suggested, the archmage of archmages Madness was the front runner, but Cerberus made an excellent case for Gwiddion, the mage who had killed him and bound him to the underworld; this was because Cerberus wanted another chance to destroy his ancient enemy. Gwiddion and his avatar have an interesting relationship as Madness believes he deserves his deity’s position.


Name: Gwiddion
Alias(es): Master of Magic, Spells, and Illusions
Status: Lesser God
Domains: Magic, Rituals, Arcana, Mages, Magical Items, Ships
Colours: Gold (primary), Violet (secondary)
Gender: Masculine
Alignment: Chaotic Good Hopeful
Worshiper Alignments: Any
Commandments: "Destruction of magic is forbidden."
Enemy of the Faith: Null-Mages, Null-Blades, Null-Elementals
Alliances (with other Deities): Cthon, Eos
Conflicts (with other Deities): Cerberus
Favoured Lists/Spells: All
Barred Lists/Spells: None
Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff
Relic Weapon: Staff of the Archmagi
Relic Item: Robe of the Archmagi
Avatar: Madness, Archmage of Archmages, Sage of Sages
High Priest: Merriman Lyonisis
Paladin: Vahn Darkblade
Temples of Note: Tower of High Arcana

Church of Gwiddion
Worshipers of Gwiddion value magic, and usually dedicate their lives to studying it. They believe that those with the ability to use magic are superior, particularly those born with it, and destruction of magic is abhorrent. It is not uncommon for followers of Gwiddion to spend their lives cooped up in a Mage’s Tower, studying and creating new spells. They are very secretive about their knowledge however, and do not like to reveal information to non-casters. They are particularly untrusting of those who worship Cerberus, and view them to be unrefined savages. To the followers of Gwiddion, magic is everything, and most of them genuinely do not understand how people survive without it.
Their churches, known to them as chantries, are usually decorated with lush fabrics in gold and light purples, and it is not uncommon for them to be littered with spellbooks and magical items. Chantries tend to be set up within the Mage’s Towers, though they can be found independently.The chantries tend to be more a place to discuss and practice magic, rather than a place of worship, as the followers of the church believe that is the best way to worship the god of magic. Some chantries even go so far as to place magical barriers that will only allow those with the ability to withstand magic or alter the spell through.
Members of Note:
Madness, Archmage of Archmages, Sage of Sages, Avatar of Gwiddion
Merriman Lyonisis, High Priest of Gwiddion
Vahn Darkblade, Paladin of Gwiddion
Temples of Note:
Tower of High Arcana