Guilds List

Rogue's Guild

The Rogue's Guild has been referred by many important and powerful people as a necessary evil and certain factions of the guild are not legal entities even though the legal systems of most of the nations of Antios trust the Guild to police its own members.

As a great Patrician once said: "There is always going to be crime, so it might as well be organized crime."

Important subsets of the Guild include: the Scarlet Lamp, the Assassin's Guild, and the Thieves' Guild.

Professions and classes covered by the Rogue's Guild are: Scouts, Thieves, Assassins, and Archers.

The Eternal Circle.

The Eternal Circle is a secretive guild of which members can be found across the world. They are the keepers of secrets in regards to a very particular form of magic - that of the ritual circle.
Though most magic users dedicate themselves to abilities which they themselves channel, members of the Eternal Circle focus on perfecting the art of ritual magic. Having almost all of the world's knowledge regarding ritual circles in their libraries, even they freely admit that it is utterly insignificant to how much they do not yet know.
More than just base magic, more than just a simple spell - ritual circles are sentient forms of being, and as such are diverse and complex. Members of the Eternal Circle seek to discover as much as they can, and to educate all of their members to the dangers and secrets that can be found in their art.
For those that reach the upper levels of the Circle, they will find that, if one knows how to transverse the many dangers of ritual magic, the rewards are almost unlimited.

Mage's Conclave


The Mage's Conclave is the Guild entirely dedicated to the growth and development of Magic. Overseen by Gwiddion himself, the guild seeks to discover every potential of magic, even though they themselves are the first to announce that Arcane magic has no limit to its potential. It is an ocean of knowledge, creativity and power for those that are daring enough to sail its unpredictable and volatile waters. The Mage's Conclave consists of dozens of Mage Towers across the realm. Each Tower is ruled by an Archmage, and each tower follows its Archmage's example - meaning, each tower is dedicated to one particular branch of the Arcana. This does not mean, however, that the inhabitants of these Towers are unable to perform other forms of Magic (most have even mastered other branches), but simply that they have dedicated themselves to perfect the art of one branch as much as possible. The Tower system has always worked by having one Archmage train its inhabitants and having teachers and mentors inside to teach new acolytes. Over time, when a Mage has finally become powerful enough to almost be considered an Archmage - or, to actually be an Archmage - they are expelled from their Tower and told to found their own. Sister towers have, in this way, been formed to increase the range, strength, numbers and diversity of the Mage's Conclave. There are Towers dedicated to each branch of Arcana that is known to man, but there are many rumors, even within the Mage's Conclave, of an unknown, hidden Tower somewhere in existence that practices dark, uncanny magics that have not been discovered by anyone else. Many mages have wasted their whole lives seeking to find this Tower, whereas a slim few have even disappeared in its search.

Guild of Strength


The Guild of Strength is a somewhat barbaric, brutish guild. Unlike the Swordsman's Guild that seeks to refine the art of the sword, the Guild of Strength focuses entirely on the obvious - Strength.
Made out of a large and wide variation of races, the Guild can be found across the world in one form or another. They are constantly seeking to recruit new members and to train them how to not only grow stronger, but also how to apply that strength appropriately (though there is much argument within the guild as to what that is).
The Rogue's Guild often finds themselves in negotiation with the Guild of Strength for hired muscle, and it is not uncommon to find a group of barbarians or Orks temporarily working for one shady tavern or another as an agreement between the two guilds.
That said, not all the members are questionable individuals. There are also proud, strong members of the Guild that use their Strength to protect the ones they love, whole villages, sometimes even whole cities. Though the guild is highly competitive by nature, they are quick to answer the call for aid from one of its members, and no enemy wants to be near when the masses of the guild unite.

Swordsman's Guild


The Swordsman's Guild.
The Swordsman's Guild is a collective of individuals united in a common goal - to completely perfect the art of the sword. Shortswords, longswords, bastard swords - any variation of the sword you can think of, there is a Master of it somewhere in the Guild. Seeking to train their members for skill's sake, they also actively strive to keep their reputation up and going.
The Guild can often be found in negotiations with all sorts of groups - from villagers to military men, be it for training, protection or whatever else. The Guild contains all form of men and women, from those who would seek to train a whole village to protect itself, to those who would train a group of bandits to go raiding.
Many a hero has arisen from this guild, and most duelists are at least card holding members of it.

Druidic Council


The Druidic Council consists of a group of Elder Druids, most of whom are Wild Elves or Beastkin, though there are a number of other races. The Elder Council is an invite-only position; when a Druid has dedicated his or herself to the Druidic ways, the Council will take note and potentially extend an invite to join them once the Druid is deemed ready. Even though one is accepted to the Council, they are not considered an Elder Druid until they have been a Council member for many years or proven themselves worthy.

The Council dedicates itself to the maintenance and protection of the lands across Geos, and its members come from all corners and climates of the world. Because the Council tends to be wide spread at any given moment, there are smaller sub-Councils of members who stand over each region. It isn’t often the entire Council gets together, but when they do, it is usually followed by extreme action. Otherwise each sub-Council maintains the affairs of their region, usually without interference from the others.
Meetings are usually long and arduous, and almost always end in compromise. The members of the Council understand that balance must be maintained, and every region from the forests to the tundras must be maintained with equal care and dedication. Because of this, most Council members shift to true Neutrality over the years, making it extremely frustrating for an outsider to deal with them.

Though many of the Council do worship Deities, Gaea being the most common, the Druidic Council worships the land above all. They have close relations with the Churches of Gaea, Eos, and Cthon, but the Council tends to avoid getting involved in any of their business. It is rare for the Council to act in alliance with another faction or guild, and it is usually only done when the balance of the lands they protect is threatened.

Motto: ຟັງ ແຜ່ນດິນໂລກແລະ ແຜ່ນດິນໂລກຈະ ເວົ້າ
(fang aephndin olklae aephndin olkcha vao) “Listen to the earth and the earth will speak”

Status item: Green Hoods

Classes: Druid, Bough-Runner

Elder Druids

The Elder Druids are not represented by region; rather, it is through dedication to the land and personal sacrifice that a druid gains respect.

1. Keyleoa Listrian – Wild Elf – Sun Druid: Keyleoa is the oldest of the Elder Council. At 230, he is well-versed in the balance and patterns of Antios. His understanding of history is that it is circular in nature and his arguments often surround this belief. He lives deep in the mountains north of Keltoi and rarely stirs from the craggy peaks. His familiar Bikton is an enormous mountain raven.

2. Carrangon – Equine Beastkin – Moon Druid: Outspoken, irritable and stubborn, Carrangon is a vocal defender of the rare and medicinal plants on Antios. She is very opposed to the clearing of grasslands for new agricultural planting and spends much of her time travelling between beastkin settlements, teaching others less invasive horticultural practices. Herbalists will travel far distances to receive her medicines and she has made great contributions to the field.

3. Tslkwin’koom – Shamankin Human – Sun Druid: One of only two humans on the Elder Council, Tsklwin’koom has devoted his life to the spiritual health of the Antios forests. By nature particularly attuned to the spirit world, he often roams the forests as a great mountain lion. As a Grand Ritualist, he is most often the leader at council rituals where his quiet but fierce love of the land is evident.

4. Nimeuh Arduliun – Water Elf – Moon Druid: Nimueh hails from the coastal region in the west of Antios. Her devotion to tidal zones and river systems has earned her the name “Mother of the River” and her word is very well respected among the Elder Council. Particularly attuned to speaking with animals, Nimeuh speaks for those who have no voices.

5. Ba’rrtok – Owl Beastkin – Sun Druid: Skimming across the frozen tundra, very little is missed by Ba’rrtok as he flies. Often serving as an envoy between the Elder Council, his affinity with birds allows him to send messages via them throughout the realms of Antios. He is a formidable foe if crossed.

6. Perrjiu - Wild Elf - Moon Druid: Perrjiu inhabits the craggy windswept coastlines. She is blind, but has always maintained that this is a benefit, allowing her to hear Gaea's song on the wind. She has devoted her life to the teachings of Gaea and offers her knowledge freely to those who seek it.

7. Svembrion - Nomad Human - Sun Druid: A Wise man of the woods, Svembrion is capricious but learned. He is easily the wildest of the druids, and is often the most difficult to locate. He is rarely seen when he does not want to be, but still craves the pleasantry of human interaction at times.

8. Mistral - Wild Elf - Moon Druid: Born in the howling wilds of the tundra, Mistral is a caribou herder. She has lived in the mossy north for her entire life and her stories are rich with spiritual folklore. Her familiar, Hin-eun is a caribou mare and the matriarch of her herd.

9. Fernanys - Satyr - Sun Druid: Fernanys has a particular bond with the forests and lakes. The proud father of 35 children, he has taught them all to be stewards and guardians. He is a magnificent bard.

10. Curledfang - Leopard Beastkin - Moon Druid: Curledfang is the leader of a large tribe of leopard beastkin. She has been instrumental in forging human/beastkin accords and treaties. A proud and fierce matriarch, she is not one to cross.

11. Y-Onan-sil - Wild Elf - Sun Druid: Y-Onan-sil is a shark-singer. He uses his deep voice to call sharks to him and can incapacitate them without hurting them. He is as comfortable in water as on land. His ability to communicate with sea creatures has given rise to the legend that he travels from coast to coast in the backs of whales and dolphins.

Druidic Subcouncils

These are represented by region. Each region is administered by a druidic sub-council that is charged with the protection of the lands within that region. There is a great deal of cooperation between the subcouncils as the druidic council understands that each part must strive together in order to maintain the whole. There are 6 regions:

Forests - Council Seat: Talien. Current representative: Kestrel Morningsky - Moon Druid

Plains - Council Seat: Leodis. Current representative: Trisoh Dwinse'er - Moon Druid

Tundra - Council Seat: Whitespire. Current representative: Krinin, son of Krios - Sun Druid

Desert - Council Seat: Siqqura. Current representative: Setin Mehpetsah - Moon Druid

Oceans - Council Seat: Trinova. Current representative: Ai'oiea Bahrinn - Sun Druid

Mountains - Council Seat: Talus. Current representative: Dohset - Sun Druid

Each region elects a representative who speaks for that region at the Elder council meetings. These representatives hold their positions for 5 years and can only hold the representative position once in a lifetime.

The University

The Guild which is commonly refereed to as The University is a conglomerate of smaller guilds. The largest parts of the University are The Times (Newspaper), The Chicurgens, The Library, The Architects and Engineers, and the Zoologists.

The Adventurer's Guild

"What lies past the fields, da?"
"Well, why don't we go find out?"

The Adventurer's Guild is the official name of the massive group that spans across the corners of the world. A Guild specifically made to organize and prepare adventurers, its members seek to explore the world and its many hidden treasures be it for better or good.
Within the guild, one will find many different races and goals. Though the stereotype is a proud group of heroes seeking to drive back the forces of evil, the reality is that this guild also contains many that simply seek to line their own pockets.

The Adventurer's Guild and its members are not always received with open arms, either. It would not be the first time that a group of its members unexpectedly awakened some terrible evil that then proceeded to rampage the countryside, raising the ire of the locals. That said, there are also plenty of members that have gone out of their way to solve serious problems and threats for the average layman.
Ultimately, be they temple raiding grave robbers or heroic woodsman, almost no Guild has had as much of an influence in the world as the Adventurer's Guild, with many of its members having reached positions of great power and importance.