Guilds & Churches

All characters have 2 guild/church slots available. On top of this, every character can also join the Adventurer's Guild (which exists outside the normal guild/church framework).


All Guilds & Churches confer the following benefits on members:

  • Rank 1: Guild insignia
  • Rank 3: Assistance 10 gp X Rank in items for a weekend (one guild only)
  • Rank 5: Guild specific item
  • Rank 7: Patron use once a month relevant to the guild


Ranks in guilds and churches are purchased using boons.

Guild Rank Boon Cost
01 10
02 20
03 30
04 40
05 50
06 60
07 70
08 80
09 90
10 100

Characaters must meet certain requirements:

Guild Required Banned
Church (Specific) Faith (Specific) Non-faithful
Crafters Collective Crafting skill Rank 2 None
Druidic Council Natural Attunement, appropriate race or heritage Null heritage
Field Battallion Non-melee Style Mastery Rank 2 None
Guild of Strength Strength Rank 2 None
Knighthood Lawful alignment Criminals, Wanted flaw, Debts flaw
Mage's Conclave Arcane Attunement Spell-thieves, Null heritage
Open Mind Psionic attunement Absent / missing halo, Null heritage
Rogues Guild Rank 2 in 1 rogue skill Lawful alignment
Swordsman's Guild Melee Style Mastery Rank 2 None
The University Surgery Rank 2, Research, or Diplomacy; Must be able to RWS one language None

Note: Ranks must be purchased in order.

Ranking up in a guild or church requires (along with paying the boon cost) a post on the Forums with the details of an act worthy of ranking up. These posts must be done on the IC Guilds section of the forum. There is no strict requirement for what the act might be, but it could be something like going on a quest to help the guild, doing something impressive on a quest, learning a new skill, achieving a higher rank in a skill, etc. The act should be commensurate with the guild rank being sought.


Once a guild or church has been chosen and joined, it cannot be dropped or left except via in game events and then only at the discretion of the System Manager. Those who leave or are forced out of a guild or church should expect to have made some enemies.

Guilds & Churches

There are 10 guilds and 13 churches that operate in Argea and across the continent of Antios. Every deity has an associated church, while the guilds tend to organize themselves around a set of skills or a general theme or ethos.

Guilds List