The Lady Greymayre was the first deity created by the mortals of Geos. Her essence is that of undying hope. Unlike other deities she thrives in places where suffering is prevalent such as in hostile environments, or among slave cultures. Greymayre is the main power that fought back the attacks of Oblivion. As such, Oblivion’s agents to trapped her in a rock made from one of her temples. Greymayre was freed from the chapel by Emperor Jovan, the last Unicorn Alaura, and a rag-tag group of heroes. Greymayre rapidly regained power and her active participation allowed Jovan to defeat Inritius.


Name: Greymayre
Alias(es): The Lady of Peace, The Maid of the River, The Guardian of Time, The Virgin Goddess
Status: Elder God, Created by the first sentient people on Geos
Domains: Hope, Time, Healing, Light Mastery
Colours: White (primary), Gold (secondary)
Gender: Feminine
Alignment: Neutral Good Hopeful
Worshiper Alignments: Non-Evil, Hopeful
Commandments: "Hope Endures." "Virginity is sacred."
Enemy of the Faith: Oblivion
Alliances (with other Deities): Gaea, Urbanus
Conflicts (with other Deities): Oblivion (Hostile), Puck (Cautious)
Favoured Lists/Spells: Healing, Hope
Barred Lists/Spells: Blasphemy, Harming
Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff/Cudgel in peace time, Short Sword in times of war. Her faithful are often capable of using both, but are aware of her displeasure should they use the short sword outside of wartime.
Relic Weapon: Preparation (Short Sword) "To Secure Peace, Is to Prepare for War."
Relic Item: The Six Signs
Avatar: Emperor Jovan the Absent
High Priest: The Lady
Paladin: Sir William Stanton the Sign Seeker
Temples of Note: The Temple of a Million Years

Chruch of Greymayre
The faithful of Greymayre are most commonly found where desolation and despair is the worst. They make it their mission to seek out and help those in need of aid, and they believe that every life is precious and deserves to be protected. Even the most evil of hearts can be rehabilitated, in their eyes. They tend to have unshakable hope, and try to seek a silver lining in every situation. The most devout followers never marry nor have children, and instead choose to dedicate their lives to spreading the love and light of their goddess across the lands. They are not fond of war, but if the need arises they will get involved for the sake of bringing peace. They absolutely despise everything to do with Oblivion, and the followers of his faith tend to be the only exception to their otherwise pacifistic nature.
Churches of Greymayre tend to be referred to as “houses”, usually to create a more welcoming atmosphere. Anyone is welcome, and the priests often allow the homeless to sleep inside, particularly on cold or wet nights. Usually if someone is in need of healing, they do not charge for services, but they do heavily suggest a donation of any amount. The houses tend to be abundantly white with accents of gold, and they are kept immaculately clean. They do not believe in adorning their place of worship with an abundance of trinkets, so even their altars tend to be relatively bare. They believe their faith is best shown by doing Greymayre’s work, and bringing peace and hope to everyone around them.
Members of Note:
Emperor Jovan the Absent, Former Emperor of Argea and Avatar of Greymayre (deceased)
The Lady, High Priest of Greymayre
Sir William Stanton the Sign Seeker, Paladin of Greymayre
Temples of Note:
The Temple of a Million Years