As soon as Tridian created Geos, he unconsciously created Gaea with it; she is the deified embodiment of the planet, the force which holds it together, which makes the seasons turn, the waves crash, the sun rise, and the rain fall. Gaea rarely speaks to her servants, hers is the voice in the rain and the song of a butterfly’s wing beats. Gaea had four almost mortal daughters who between them share the titles of Paladin and High Priestess of the faith. Gaea, as the only deity created solely by Tridian, fears his coming more than most as she is convinced that he seeks to alter Geos to suit the sludge pit he was born in.


Name: Gaea
Alias(es): The Earth, Geos, The Great Mother
Status: Elder God, Created as part of the creation of Geos
Domains: Nature, Animals, Sun, Life, Moon, Weather
Gender: Feminine
Colours: Green (primary), Brown (secondary)
Alignment: Neutral Neutral Hopeful
Worshiper Alignments: Non-Oblivion, Lawful is rare
Commandments: "Remember where you are treading."
Enemy of the Faith: Undead
Alliances (with other Deities): Puck, Greymayre
Conflicts (with other Deities): Tridian
Favoured Lists/Spells: Druidry, Nature
Barred Lists/Spells: Necromancy, Positive Energy Necromancy
Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff/Cudgel, Claws
Relic Weapon: Yddrasil’s Staff
Relic Item: Yddrasil’s Seed
Avatar: Gilik the Earth-Guardian
High Priest: Spring Dawning, Autumn Twilight
Paladin: Summer Flame, Winter’s Night
Temples of Note: The Chapel of Yddrasil, The Grave of Gaea

Church of Gaea
Gaea followers can be as different as the lands they hold sacred, but one thing they all have in common is an unshakeable dedication to nature. They understand the balance of the world, and that in order for new life to begin, there must be death as well. While they do mourn loss, they know it is necessary. The only exception is when the balance of nature is threatened, which is why so many Gaea followers oppose forestry and farming. They abhor big cities and the wasteful mindset of the people who live within them. They believe in the survival of the fittest, and that people, Argeads especially, are throwing off the balance of nature by hiding behind stone walls and not allowing their weak to perish naturally. They are always mindful of their step, as Gaea commands, and more often than not it is impossible to tell that a worshiper of Gaea has been through an area.
The churches of Gaea, more often referred to as cathedrals or gardens, are usually set up outdoors, often in glades found deep in the woods. But those that are created within towns and cities are usually made with clay, and have an abundance of plant life growing within. Altars and Idols are not uncommon, but the followers of Gaea prefer to honour their goddess by tending to nature, whether it be planting seeds, or even weeding out dead plants so new ones can grow. They greatly respect the changing of the seasons, and their Cathedrals tend to reflect this.
Members of Note:
Gilik the Earth-Guardian, Avatar of Gaea
Spring Dawning, Daughter and High Priest of Gaea
Autumn Twilight, Daughter and High Priest of Gaea
Summer Flame, Daughter and Paladin of Gaea
Winter’s Night, Daughter and Paladin of Gaea
Temples of Note:
The Chapel of Yddrasil
The Grave of Gaea