Eos is an elemental deity formed of the elemental power of Fire, Air, and Lightning. She is the embodiment of passion and energy. Cthon and Eos were formed in a crucible when Tridian attempted to create a single elemental deity. Cthon and Eos have a love-hate relationship; they sometimes seem to be a perfect couple and sometimes appear to be on the verge of war. Eos and Cthon are the youngest deities on Geos and are the least human.


Name: Eos
Alias(es): Breathing Fire, Eternal Flame, Silver Flame
Status: Lesser God
Domains: Fire, Air, Rain, Clouds, Weather, Speed, Passion, Elementals
Colours: Scarlet (primary), Light Blue (secondary)
Gender: Feminine
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Neutral
Worshiper Alignments: Lawful is rare
Commandments: "Live Fast."
Enemy of the Faith: None
Alliances (with other Deities): Cthon, Gwiddion
Conflicts (with other Deities): Cthon
Favoured Lists/Spells: Fire Mastery, Air Mastery
Barred Lists/Spells: Water Mastery, Earth Mastery
Favoured Weapon: Bow, Scimitar
Relic Weapon: Bow of the Skies
Relic Item: Prometheus’s Fire
Avatar: Dedicate Skyfire
High Priest: Trisana Chandler
Paladin: Ember Fireborn
Temples of Note: None

Church of Eos
Those who worship Eos are passionate by nature. They prefer to live each day as if it were their last, and tend to have little patience. They embody passion in every aspect of their lives, and throw themselves wholly into relationships, work, war, and whatever else strikes their fancy. Sometimes they can have many hobbies, wanting to experience everything they can, or they can have but few, obsessing over perfection. Either way, they have an abundance of energy for things they deem important, and though they tend to be chaotic, they make fiercely loyal friends and allies.
Their churches, known as shrines, are always warm and inviting. Their buildings tend to be made of brick, and have many windows that are always open, to let in the sun and the air. The shrines are always bright with fire, and it is common for there to be many candles burning constantly. Every shrine has an “Eternal Flame”, which is a pyre or alter containing a large flame that represents Eos herself. Visitors to the shrine are encouraged to add to the fire, whether it be by adding wood or coals, or by using magic of their own. The shrines are usually decorated with rich, red fabrics and banners, often depicting Eos. Light blue is a common colour as well. In some areas however, a shrine may simply be a pyre on the top of a hill, open to the sky.
Members of Note:
Dedicate Skyfire, Avatar of Eos
Trisana Chandler, High Priest of Eos
Ember Fireborn, Paladin of Eos
Temples of Note: