Elan are not born, they are made. For centuries the Brotherhood of the Enlightened Soul accepted powerful individuals into their fold to be subjected Elan conditioning in order to focus their entire mind on Psionics. The individual was relieved of all memory of their former life and made a member of the brotherhood. The Brotherhood of the Enlightened Soul fell into disrepute and disorder after Tridian revealed that he was the source of all Psionic power. Because of this, Elan are no longer made; however, some individuals descended from the Elan exhibit traces of their ancestors' power.

Boon Cost: 200
Exp Adjustment: -20%
Perfect Races: Human, Derro, Insect Beastkin
Banned Races: Any Race with a Psionic multiplier increase
Age Adjustment: These characters age normally to 60 and then do not age until they die aged 100


  • There are no specific requirements for a character to take an elan heritage. This heritage can be taken at any time.
  • This heritage can be taken at any time.
    • Note: Regardless of when the heritage is taken, it should be reflected in the character's backstory from the time of character creation.

Costume Requirements

  • Elan characters must have a crystal stuck to their forehead; the crystal is rooted into their brain and cannot be removed.



  • Elan characters must always have a Psionics multiplier of 1.
  • Elan characters considers Lead to be Bane to them.
  • Elan characters may not learn Divine casting.