Egokinesis List


In order to use this list of spells, a character must have Psionic Attunement and purchase ranks in Psionic Casting (EgoKinetics)
1 Distract Distract
1 Frustrate Frustrate
2 Calm Calm
2 Intimidate Intimidate
3 Persuade Persuade
3 Drop Drop
4 Cause Fear Lesser Cause Fear Lesser
4 End Emotion End Emotion
5 Demand Demand
5 Confuse Confuse
6 Implant Suggestion Implant Suggestion
6 Cause Fear Cause Fear
7 Mind Freeze Mind Freeze
7 Befriend Greater Befriend Greater
8 Forget Greater Forget Greater
8 Implant Suggestion Greater Implant Suggestion Greater
9 Implant Programmed Suggestion Implant Programmed Suggestion
9 Domination Domination
10 Mind Wipe Mind Wipe
10 Reprogrammed Memory Reprogrammed Memory
11 Permanent Enslavement Permanent Enslavement