In parallel to the waking world is another one, similar in all ways, yet strange in every conceivable way; this plane is commonly called the Dreamscape. Most mortals subconsciously enter the Dreamscape each night when they slumber, returning when they wake unharmed and unaffected by their nocturnal wanderings.

However, some creatures dwell inside the dreamscape and have learned to shape the dreaming to their own devices. Travelers in the Dreamscape have learned to avoid areas of the dreaming actively controlled by others.

Characters with this heritage have as their ancestor a creature native to the dreamscape, a sleep-walker (dream creature who projects into the waking world), a dream-walker (waking world creature who projects into the dreaming), to an onieromancer, or to a dream elemental.

  • Boon Cost: 500
  • Exp Adjustment: -20%
  • Perfect Races: Eceni
  • Banned Races: Amazons
  • Age Adjustment: None


  • There are no specific requirements for a character to take a Dream template however, they cannot have the Cannot Dream flaw.
    • Note: Regardless of when the heritage is taken, it should be reflected in the character's backstory from the time of character creation.

Costume Requirements

  • Dream characters cannot bear the touch of gold and tend to carry banknotes and gems.
  • Dream characters tend to look a little unkempt, as many of them can shape their own appearances in the Dreamscape they often forget about brushing their hair in the real world.


  • Resist Fear/Madness: Dream characters deal with the nightmares that lurk in the dreamscape and are used to creatures sculpting their dreams around them; as such they gain a Constant +2 Bonus to their Defensive Willpower against Fear and Madness.
  • Less Sleep: Dream characters are fully rested after only four hours of sleep. This changes to two hours of sleep at High Level.
  • Step Sideways: A Dream character can (in order to leave the adventure) step into the Dreaming at any time. This is a Planar Fair Escape function and the character cannot return to play during the game in question.
  • Comfortable in the Dreaming: Dream characters are comfortable in the Dreaming, they do not gain the ability to dream-sculpt from this template, but they can usually pass as Natives of the Dreaming.
  • Differing Dreams: Dream characters are all different as such they may select one of the following advantages.
    • Dream Warrior: Dream characters who select this option gain a +1 Constant bonus to their weapon base damage and an additional 10 points of Location while they are in the dreaming.
    • Dream Mage: Dream characters who select this option gain Minor Access to the Oneiromancy spell list, however, this is a closed list and they cannot gain any more access without buying the Oneiromancer Class Template.
    • Dream Job: Dream characters who select this option can earn money in two planes simultaneously. This translates to Profession Investments Rank 2 at Low Level raising by one rank at Mid, High, and Epic.
    • Dream-Reading: Dream characters who select this option gain Prophesy (Dream-Reading).


  • Dream characters are allergic to the touch of Gold and consider it to be Bane to them. Dream heritage characters cannot use or wield Bane Dream weapons.
  • Dream characters gain the Deep Sleeper flaw for which they gain no benefit.
  • Dream characters pay double the regular boon cost to join Guilds or to gain Guild rank because they spend much of their time in the dreamscape.