Deity's Chosen

Every deity has their chosen, whether these are their High Priests, their Paladins, their Faithful, their Templars, or their Avatars. Deity’s Chosen characters are descended from the chosen of a Deity and the Deity rewards them for following their ancestor's Faith. Given the upheaval of the gods, those who remain have taken suitable chosen, whose deity no longer exists, under their wings.

  • Boon Cost: 100
  • Exp Adjustment: 0
  • Perfect Races: Any worshiper of their Racial Deity
  • Banned Races: Any Race with a Divine multiplier increase
  • Age Adjustment: None


  • Deity's chosen must choose a deity with which to be associated.
  • This template can be take at any time.
  • Note: Regardless of when the heritage is taken, it should be reflected in the character's backstory from the time of character creation.

Costume Requirements

  • Deity’s Chosen must wear a holy symbol of their chosen deity and may never conceal their holy symbol.


  • As long as they meet the prerequisites, Deity’s Chosen may take the Faithful Class without it counting as one of their 2 class selections (the boon cost must be paid and requirements must still be met).


  • Deity’s Chosen will not permit blasphemy against their deity.
  • If a Character with this Heritage gain's a infected Heritage, the Faithful class is taken away with this Heritage.