Create Spiked Pit

Spell Name: Create Spiked Pit
Lists: Cerberus, Cthon
Level: 7
Spell Type: Special
Duration: 1 Hour
Range: Pit, 10 foot radius
Description: Through this spell, the caster creates a deep pit lined with spikes.
Mechanics: This spell creates a pit which is ten feet radius and forty feet deep. Those in the area of effect have a couple of seconds to get out of the area of effect otherwise they fall into the pit. Falling into the pit deals four points of Through Damage to the location which strikes the ground from falling and five points of damage to every location from the spikes. Successfully climbing out of a pit created this way requires Climb Rank 6. This spell cannot damage walls or trees and shapes itself around them or repositions itself. Individuals in the pit when the spell ends, for any reason, are returned to the surface.

Note: For game play reasons, the pit must be clearly marked.