Many characters choose to specialize in a certain role, style of combat, or skill set. This specialization is represented by a character’s class. Characters can have up to 2 classes, but does not need to take a class.

Class List

Taking a Class

Each class is divided into 4 tiers, each with its own requirements, advantages, and disadvantages. A character can advance from one tier to the next by meeting all the requirements of that tier and paying the cost in boons.

Class Tier Level Teir Boon Cost
Apprentice Low 25
Journeyman Mid 50
Expert High 100
Master Epic 200

Note: Most classes do not need to be taken at character creations.

Skill Requirements

Every class and every tier of a class has certain skill requirements that must be met before the class can be taken. Class requirements are detailed in the class descriptions.

Note: Constant bonuses do not count towards meeting class requirements.

Multiplier Requirements

Each class has an associated multiplier or multipliers. To take a class normally, a character must have the associated multipliers at 1.

Note: A character may take a class they do not meet the multiplier requirements for, but the player must pay 4 times the boon cost for each tier.

Guild Affiliation

Some classes are strongly associated with certain Guilds or Churches; other classes are more generalist and can be found as members of many or all Guilds. Where a Guild or Church affiliation is listed for a class, it is a suggestion only and not a requirement.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Many classes offer skill bonuses or unique abilities which improve with each tier. These are balanced by disadvantages at each tier. As characters advance through class tiers, they add additional advantages and disadvantages.

Note: Constant bonuses from higher tiers do not stack with those from lower tiers.

Maintenance Skills

Some classes require that a character maintain a specific skill as their highest ranked skill (or tied for highest). If a character is every in a situation where a class maintenance skill is not their highest ranked skill (or tied for highest), a character cannot purchase additional skills until they meet their class maintenance requirement.

Note: Constant bonuses do not count towards meeting class maintenance requirements; constant penalties do not create a failure to meet maintenance skill requirements.

Dropping a Class

A class can be dropped by paying 250 boons and posting an in character reason in appropriate section of the In-Character Forums.

Note: Once dropped, a character can never retake that class.