Merits & Flaws

Merits and Flaws are what make a character unique among their peers. Every character has a flaw and many have special abilities or attributes that make them more than average.


Merits represent something special about a character, something that sets them apart. Merits are entirely optional and can either be chosen at character creation or added as a result of in game events. Once taken, a merit can only be removed through in game events.

Note: Merits earned or lost through in game events do not affect a character’s xp modifier.

Merits are divided into 4 categories and every merit taken costs boons and applies an xp modifier.

Merit Tier XP modifier Boon Cost
Minor Merit -10% 10
Medium Merit -20% 25
Major Merit -30% 50
Extreme Merit -50% 250

Minor Merits

Medium Merits

Major Merits

Extreme Merits


Flaws, and overcoming them, is what defines a character. Every character must have at least 1 flaw of character level or better.

Flaws are divided into 4 categories and the first flaw taken from each tier applies an xp modifier. Removing a flaw requires in game events and has a boon cost.

Note: Characters can only receive the xp modifier from a flaw that fully affects them.

Flaw Tier XP modifier Removal Cost
Character Flaw None 25
Minor Flaw +5% 50
Medium Flaw +10% 75
Major Flaw +20% 100
Extreme Flaw +50% 250

Character Flaws

Minor Flaws

Medium Flaws

Major Flaws

Extreme Flaws