Creation & Updates

New Characters

Characters in the IA2 System must first be approved by the system. New characters must be submitted to moc.liamg|sretcarahc.pral2ai#moc.liamg|sretcarahc.pral2ai for approval. The character approval team will respond with corrections to any errors and noting any changes required for approval.

New character submissions must include: character name, race, multipliers, alignment, heritage(if any), character flaw, additional flaws (if any), merits (if any), classes (if any), skill purchases.

  • Once a character has been submitted, it can be roleplayed on the IA2 forums and at the tavern portions of game weekends.
  • Once a character has been approved, it can be played during linear games at IA2 game weekends.
  • Once a character has been approved and played, no further changes can be made to the initial build.

Character Slots

All players received 2 active character slots. Once a character has been approved, it takes up one of these slots. Additional slots can be purchased with boons.

Slots can be freed up by through the death or retirement of a character.

Character Creation

Characters can be as simple or as complex as a player wants to make them and the variety of character types is endless. The first step in creating a character for IA2 is deciding how you want to play the game: are you concerned mainly with stats and maximizing a character build? Or are you looking for a well-balanced, realistic character? What do you want form a game? Are you looking primarily for roleplay? Or, for combat? Do you want to spend games sneaking around? Attacking from a distance? Casting spells at your enemies? Or helping and healing your allies?

The answers to these questions will vary from player to player, but will serve to form the basis of a character and will inform the choices made through the character creation process. Regardless of the type of character a player is looking for, the most important consideration when building a character is making a character you will actually enjoy playing.

Character creation can follow numerous paths, but the easiest method is below:

Choose Classes

Characters can have up to 2 classes and while a character does not need to take a class, every class has both multiplier requirements and skill requirements that must be met.

Choice of class will affect choice of multipliers, skills, and race and will have the most effect on the type of roleplay/combat a character is suited for.

Choose Race

Races are highly varied in what they can do and what they require and every race has advantages and disadvantages. Choice of race will affect numerous aspects of a character, but has the most effect on a character’s costume requirements.

Choose a Heritage

A heritage is a background aspect to a character that adds another level of complexity to their race. Heritages come with their own advantages, disadvantages, and requirements. Heritages are an optional aspect of a character.

Choose an Alignment

A character’s alignment forms the basis of their personality and primarily affects how a character should be roleplayed. However, a character’s alignment can also affect how others treat them in game and can affect their ability to take certain skills or classes.

Set Multipliers

The IA2 system determines a character’s in game skills based on a set of 8 multipliers. Multipliers primarily determine how much xp a skill will cost, but also determine a character’s ability to take a class.

Choose Merits & Flaws

Merits and flaws are advantages and disadvantages that players can add to a character to round them out, add interest to their personality, or compensate for an xp modifier. All merits and flaws come with an xp modifier of their own.

Choose Skills

Skills form the basis of what a character can do in game and choice of skills affects a character for their entire life. At creation, characters may start with a set of skills from their race or heritage. They may also need to meet skill requirements for any classes they wish to take.

Note: A character can only make 2 purchases (ranks or multiple) of any skill at creation.

Determine Attributes

A character has numerous attributes to keep track of and players will need to work out a character’s starting LOC, Halo, Mana, and CON. A number of factors will affect a character’s attributes.

Starting Equipment

All new characters start with 200 gp to spend on equipment in the marketplace. Characters do not need to buy clothing or other sundry items, but must purchase and get item tags for all weapons, armour, toolkits, etc. as per the marketplace rules.

Write a Backstory

All characters should submit a backstory that explains who they are, where they come from, and why they are where they are now. Backstories can be as short as a few sentences, or as long as a few pages and should give players something to base their in game roleplay off.

Note: Backstories are not generally used by the system to develop game plots unless a player requests it.

Costume Requirements

A character’s costume requirements are determined by their race or heritage and must be followed. However, costume requirements are purposefully left open to interpretation to allow for variation in characters. A character’s equipment is part of their costume and all equipment must be physrepped.

Character Updates

All updates to characters (xp & boon expenditures) should be submitted to moc.liamg|sretcarahc.pral2ai#moc.liamg|sretcarahc.pral2ai for approval. Updates must include: details of the purchase, the xp cost, boon cost, or lore point cost as applicable, the character’s current total xp, and the character’s current spent xp:

  1. Skill purchased and xp cost of each skill
  2. Class, class advancement, guild membership purchased and boon cost of each
  3. Lore (Specific) skill and ranks purchase and lore points spent
  4. Total xp earned to date
  5. Total xp spent to date

The character approval team will respond with corrections to any errors and to confirm the purchase.

Character Equipment

Equipment and spells are purchased through the marketplace during sign-in at game weekends.

Marketplace purchases and use of Crafting (Specific), Profession (Specific), and Investments can only be done at sign-in at game weekends.

Character Progression

Characters will earn experience (xp) from participating in linear games during weekend events. XP can be spent on new and more advanced skills for the character.

  • All new characters start with 50 xp.

Earning XP

Earned xp will be posted to the IA2 forum after every game weekend. Earned xp is available to spend once it has been posted. XP can be earned at game weekends by:

  • Playing a character during a linear game.
  • Paying to Crew joining crew, but paying the cost of a linear game for a character.
  • Double Paying by paying double the cost of a linear game and earning double the xp.
  • Backpaying by paying the cost of missed linear games and receiving xp for them.
  • Coupon use at sign-in.

Characters earn 50 xp per linear game. The xp available during any given weekend game will vary based on the number of games run; there is no cap on the amount of xp a character can earn in a month.

XP Modifiers

Some races, heritages, merits, and flaws apply an xp modifier to a character. XP modifiers are applied to earned xp a character receives per linear game and either reduce or increase it (rounding down).

Note: XP modifiers cannot be lower than -75% or greater than +75%.

An xp modifier does not allow a character to earn more than 50 xp per game weekend.

Character Level

A character's level is equal to the amount of xp they have spent on skill purchases divided by 50. Character level determines a number of attributes.

  • Note: The total xp a character has earned has no bearing on their level or tier.


For each level, a character receives 10 Halo for free. This halo is in addition to any purchases of halo, or halo received from other sources.


A character’s level determines which tier they fall into. Tier determines which linear games they can participate in during weekend games, the standing they can achieve in guilds and churches, the ranks of a skill they can purcahase, and the ability to buy certain items in the marketplace.

Tier Level
Low 1 - 20
Mid 21 - 50
High 51 - 75
Epic >75

Lore Points

Lores Points are gained based on character level divided by the lower multiplier of either Intellect or Connection (e.g. a character with Int 1 and Con 3 at Lvl 10 has 10 lore points total). Lore (Specific) costs 2 points per rank, (e.g. Rank 1 costs 2 points, Rank 2 cost 4 points, Rank 3 costs 6 points for a total of 12 points spent). This change has no effect on lore skills purchased with xp.

Lore Points can be used to purchase ranks of Lore (Specific).

Character Death / Retirement

When killed in game, a character can be brought back to life out of game if the rules allow. A player can also make the decision to let a character stay dead. A player can also decide to simply stop playing a character and have them retire.

Players wishing to retire a character can do so by emailing moc.liamg|sretcarahc.pral2ai#moc.liamg|sretcarahc.pral2ai and requesting a retirement package for that character. The player will receive:

  • XP which can be applied to a new or existing character. XP received will be equal to the retired character’s Level divided by 4 (rounded down) multiplied by 50.

Once a character is retired, this process is final and the character slot that character occupied is empty.