The Ever-Changing One was a cult deity, dedicated to chaos. When Tridian awoke, the Ever-Changing One disappeared almost entirely, as many of the important features of the Ever-Changing One were claimed by Tridian, Eos, and Cthon. The heads of that faith managed to come together to alter the core of their deity; this allowed the final seat on the divine council to be claimed by Change. Change forms alliances and grudges often, however, they change regularly.

Name: Change
Status: Lesser God
Domains: Transmutation, Change
Colours: All/Any
Gender: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Neutral
Worshiper Alignments: Any
Commandments: "Thou shalt not stagnate."
Enemy of the Faith: None
Alliances (with other Deities): None
Conflicts (with other Deities): None
Favoured Lists/Spells: Transmutation, Transfiguration
Barred Lists/Spells: None
Favoured Weapon: Any

Church of Change
Members of the church of Change are constantly changing, as their god suggests. Their appearance, loyalties, and attitude are never the same for long, and they tend to thrive in areas where there is the most chaos. big cities are their favourite places, especially trade cities where there are frequently new faces and new trouble to get into. However none of them tend to stay in one place for too long, and they are always looking for the next adventure, or something new to adapt into their lifestyle.
Their churches reflect their lifestyle; it is rare for a church to be around for very long, as the followers of Change tend to set up worship wherever it strikes their fancy. But there are a few that have permanent dwellings, and their appearance changes frequently. Members are welcome to bring and/or remove decorations, idols, offerings, etc., so the church tends to change with each person who walks in. It entirely depends on the whims of its current congregation. Typically those who worship will bring something to leave, and take something before they go, so it is not uncommon for objects to travel between several different churches.
Members of Note:
El’Dred the Changer, Avatar of Change
Thing 1, High Priest of Change
Thing 2, Paladin of Change
Temples of Note:
The Conflux
Relic Weapon: Chromatic Orb
Relic Item: Cloak of Adaptation
Avatar: El’Dred the Changer
High Priest: Thing 2
Paladin: Thing 1
Temples of Note: The Conflux