Centuries before the rise of Argea the three-headed hound known as Cerberus was born; he created a nightmare across the mortal realms before finally being felled by the mage Gwiddion. The God of Death noticed the death of such a creature and enslaved it to guard the underworld. With the destruction of the God of Death, Cerberus was once again free to hunt. Greymayre decided to offer the hound a functional place in the new world order and offered the beast the position of God of the Hunt, rage, and strength. Cerberus became a deity and was immediately revered by the Horde, by Barbarians, and by those who hate magic.


Name: Cerberus
Alias(es): Grendel, The Hound, The Hunter
Status: Lesser God
Domains: Rage, Strength, Beasts, Myths, The Hunt, Horde, Null-Magic
Colours: Crimson (primary), Black (secondary)
Gender: Masculine
Alignment: Chaotic Evil Neutral
Worshiper Alignments: Non-Good, Non-Lawful
Commandments: "Might makes right."
Enemy of the Faith: None
Alliances (with other Deities): Gaea, Puck
Conflicts (with other Deities): Gwiddion
Favoured Lists/Spells: None.
Barred Lists/Spells: None
Favoured Weapon: Axe, Maul, Claws
Relic Weapon: Triple-Headed Axe
Relic Item: Fang of Cerberus
Avatar: Black Dow, King Of The Barbarians
High Priest: None
Paladin: The Axeman
Temples of Note: None

Church of Cerberus
The church of Cerberus values physical strength above all, and those who become Priests and Templars usually do so by force. Those who join the church constantly seek to prove they are the strongest among their allies, and even more so among their enemies. They are often loud and insulting, especially to other followers, in order to trigger rage in others and start a fight. A devout follower of Cerberus will never pass up an opportunity for a fight, and passing on a physical challenge is heavily frowned upon by the church. Those of the church detest magic, and its use will often send them into a rage.
Their churches, known to the followers as “grand pits”, tend to be open fighting arenas decorated with banners and idols erected in honour of Cerberus. It is more common than not for a congregation to be nothing more than drinking and fist-fights. Members of the church favour Cerberus’ colours, and are often seen wearing black and red. It can be quite unsettling for a stranger to wander upon a grand pit, dug out in the middle of a dirty plain, adorned by crimson banners bearing the face of Cerberus, and the smell of blood fresh on the wind. But for members of the church, it’s where they belong.
Members of note:
Black Dow, King of the Barbarians and Avatar of Cerberus
The Axeman, Paladin of Cerberus
Temples of note: