Biometrics List


In order to use this list of spells, a character must have Psionic Attunement and purchase ranks in Psionic Casting (BioMetrics)
1 Diagnose Lesser Diagnose Lesser
1 Detect Psionic Magic Detect [Specific]
2 Staunch Bleeding Staunch Bleeding
2 Sustenance Sustenance
3 Diagnose Diagnose
3 Heal Self Heal [Specific]
4 Remove Affliction Remove Affliction
4 Life Drinker Life Drinker
5 Adjust Breathing Adjust Breathing
5 Heal Self Greater Heal [Specific] Greater
6 Diagnose Greater Diagnose Greater
6 Restore To Life Restore To Life
7 Remove Curse Remove Curse
7 Perfect Form Perfect Form
8 Heal Self Total Heal [Specific] Total
8 Affliction Ward Affliction Ward
9 Troll's Regeneration Troll's Regeneration
9 Photosynthesize Greater Photosynthesize Greater
10 Restore Mind Restore Mind
10 Freedom of Movement Freedom of Movement
11 Healer's Miracle Healer's Miracle