Bioaugmentation List


In order to use this list of spells, a character must have Psionic Attunement and purchase ranks in Psionic Casting (BioAugmentation)
1 Augmented Skin Lesser [Type] Skin Lesser
1 Healthy Body Healthy Body
2 Grow Claws Lesser Grow Claws Lesser
2 Augmented Strength Lesser [Type] Strength Lesser
3 Augmented Skin [Type] Skin
3 Heighten Senses Heighten Senses
4 Augmented Strength [Type] Strength
4 Dark Vision Dark Vision
5 Augmented Skin Greater [Type] Skin Greater
5 Augmented Form Lesser [Type] Form Lesser
6 Leopard's Leap Leopard's Leap
6 Grow Claws Grow Claws
7 Sprout Wings Sprout Wings
7 Augmented Strength Greater [Type] Strength Greater
8 Augmented Form [Type] Form
8 Grow Claws Grow Claws
9 Troll's Regeneration Troll's Regeneration
9 Resilience Greater Resilience Greater
10 Augmented Form Greater [Type] Form Greater
10 Adjust To Survive Adjust To Survive
11 Augmented Form True [Type] Form True