Some individuals are born with the power of arcane magic flowing through them. Some of these individuals are the descendants of powerful archmages or other masters of the arcane arts. Others get their power from an accident of birth, such as being conceived on a lay line or being the seventh son of a seventh son. Characters with arcana heritage are often seen as being destined for greatness in the arcane arts.

  • Boon Cost: 100
  • Exp Adjustment: -20%
  • Perfect Races: Elves
  • Banned Races: Any with a Arcane multiplier increase
  • Age Adjustment: None


  • There are no specific requirements for a character to take an arcana heritage. This heritage can be taken at any time.
  • This heritage can be taken at any time.
    • Note: Regardless of when the heritage is taken, it should be reflected in the character's backstory from the time of character creation.

Costume Requirements

Arcana characters are required to choose one of the following options:

  • Option 1: Some Arcana characters feel compelled to wear impressive mage's robes all the time to show this. These robes should get more impressive as the character gets higher in level and richer.
  • Option 2: Some Arcana characters are obviously tied to Arcane Magic; common examples are startling eye, skin, or hair colour (usually purple or gold).


Heritage Disadvantages

  • Arcana characters may not purchase Natural Magic casting.
  • Arcana characters may not use items or consumables tied to Natural Magic.
  • Arcana characters find Natural Magic spells being cast on them to be unpleasant.