The heavens are populated with the servants of the divine and each of the god, whether good, neutral, or evil, has their own host of angels. While it is uncommon for angels to mate with mortals, it has been known to happen; equally likely is Angelic possession, which can cause an individual's descendants to manifest angelic traits.

  • Boon Cost: 150
  • Exp Adjustment: -20% (-30% if Wings are chosen)
  • Perfect Races: None
  • Banned Races: None
  • Age Adjustment: Middle Age occurs at 70, Old Age occurs at 120, Venerable occurs at 200


  • Characters with an angelic heritage have 2 options available to them:
    • Option 1: Characters who choose this option must have skills-faith-specific in and be of the same alignment as the god of their heritage.
    • Option 2: Characters who choose this option have no requirement for having faith in or the same alignment as the god of their heritage, but they must take the Offensive to Deity flaw, choosing the god of their heritage as the deity they offend, and without gaining the experience benefit.
  • This heritage can be taken at any time; however, some restrictions apply.
    • Note: Regardless of when the heritage is taken, it should be reflected in the character's backstory from the time of character creation.

Costume Requirements

  • Angelic heritage have a visible halo, usually a ring or circlet around the head. The halo must be visible and should reflect the god with which they are aligned.
    • Note: If this heritage is taken after character creation, the halo must be present at the following game.
  • In order to fly, a winged character must have wings of significant size: no less than half of the player’s arm span in the wings most open form. Characters can only fly up to 20 feet in height. Regardless of height, all ranged attacks can hit the character. Characters using fly cannot move faster than a walking pace. While ascending or descending they must concentrate and cannot use their hands for actions other than flying. Characters using fly cannot carry other players, unless their Strength is Rank 5 or higher and they have a method of holding that player without using their hands. Magical flight removes the need for costumed wings, but otherwise follows the rules for wings half an arm's length.
    • a character with wings of half of their arm span ascend or descend at a rate of 1 foot per step;
    • a character with wings which are equal to or exceed the player’s arm span ascend or descend at a rate of 2 feet per step.


  • Most angelic characters have vestigial wings incapable of being used for actual flight, some characters grow wings capable of sustained flight. These wings allow characters to fly up to 20 feet high and at a walking pace.
    • Note: The ability to fly is only available to characters who choose this heritage at character creation and meet the costume requirements for wings.
  • Angelic characters can, through their manifest halo, cast light at will for zero mana cost. While the light spell is active, the character gains a +2 Constant bonus to skills-willpower-defensive.
  • As long as they worship the god of their heritage, Angelic characters gain a +1 Constant bonus to their Faith skill and gain the Divine Blow skill.
    • Note: The Faith advantages are not available to characters who choose Option 2.


  • Angelic characters consider Infernum and Obsidian to be Bane to them.
  • Angelic characters have a Hero Complex and more importantly, Angelic characters must act in a way of their God would approve. Angelic characters may not break the commandments of their God.
    • Note: The Heroic disadvantage does not apply to characters who choose Option 2; however, they are not barred from taking the Hero Complex flaw should they wish.