The awakening of Tridian, the Lord of Monsters, has brought thousands of Aberrations out from hiding, many of them have been slumbering for as long as their lord has. While Aberrants rarely mate with humanoids, such incidents do occasionally occur; however, the majority of those with an Aberrant heritage have an ancestor who was host to a parasitic aberrant creature and who passed this parasite on to them.

  • Boon Cost: 50
  • Exp Adjustment: -10%
  • Perfect Races: Any
  • Banned Races: None
  • Age Adjustment: None


  • There are no specific requirements for a character to take an aberrant heritage. This heritage can be taken at any time.
    • Note: Regardless of when the heritage is taken, it should be reflected in the character's backstory from the time of character creation.

Costume Requirements

  • Aberrant characters must fully physrep the mutation which reflects their advantage based on the chosen merit and flaw.



  • The parasitic nature of an aberrant character's heritage requires that they eat more and more often than other characters. In addition, they often crave eating strange things which would turn the stomach of a normal person; this is the aberrant parts of their biology passing on their tastes.
    • Note: If the parasite is ever removed, the character loses this heritage.
  • Aberrant characters must select a Deranged (Minor) flaw for which they gain no benefit. They must also select one other minor flaw which describes their mutation. The character does not recieve an experience bonus for this flaw. Suitable choices include: Absent Mana, compelled-to-rage-medium, Low Pain Tolerance, Offensive to Animals, Offensive to Undead, Weak Immune System, Weak Willed.
    • Note: If the flaw is ever removed, the character loses this heritage.